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Neteller Casinos 2021 – Deposit and Withdrawal

The Neteller company was founded in Canada in 1999 (in 2004 the operational business was moved to the Isle of Man). The service is used by millions of people in over 150 countries worldwide to transfer money, and of course, you can also make payments at online casinos through Neteller. Because Neteller is so popular among players, online casinos that offer Neteller as a payment option are also among the most popular on the internet. E-wallets are a very popular way to pay with real money on the net these days, and Neteller is one of the market leaders.

What you should know about Neteller:

  • To use Neteller, you need a Neteller account;
  • Neteller is not free;
  • To fully use Neteller, you need to verify yourself;
  • Neteller can be easily funded with credit cards or other e-wallets;
  • Deposits and withdrawals are made very quickly by Neteller;
  • Neteller payments are very secure.

Neteller registration

To use Neteller, of course, you have to fund your account with real money. This is about as easy as any online purchase. You can top up your balance using credit cards, debit cards, direct transfers, or other e-wallets (like PayPal casinos and Skrill casinos). These different methods all have their own agreements and terms of use that you have to deal with. For example, deposits into the Neteller account via wire transfer are not as fast as credit card deposits, which are registered immediately.

To register with Neteller, one has to provide some data (such as name and date of birth). Most important, however, is the valid email address. The whole process takes about five minutes.

You will then receive your Neteller account identification number and your account security number. From now on, you can use your account to load real money to play online casinos. You can also receive money, but there are some restrictions if you have an unverified account.

To verify your account, you have to scan your identification documents (identity card or passport) and send them in.

How to deposit money to your account depends on the user’s country. Visa or MasterCard holders have no problems transferring money to Neteller. Local online banking transactions or other e-wallets are also valid as deposit methods. Depending on the method, deposit fees vary, but generally, they range from 1.9% to 7% of the amount. While Most payment options are instant, some others take up to three business days.

To withdraw money from Neteller, you can request a cheque (which is mailed to the account owner) or a wire transfer. Both methods can take between 2 and 21 days and cost €7.50 each.

Deposit through Neteller

It is very easy to pay in online casinos with Neteller, as the service was founded especially for financial transactions between players and internet casinos.

Once you are on the casino’s payment options page, you select “e-wallets” or “electronic wallet” from the drop-down menu. In the submenu, select “Neteller”. A pop-up window appears in which you enter your Neteller account ID and security ID. The money is immediately available on the player account in the casino.

Withdrawal through Neteller

To transfer money from your online casino account to your Neteller account, you need to follow the same steps for depositing money.

On the casino’s withdrawal page, you select Neteller as the provider and fill in the necessary data (amount, currency, Neteller account, and security ID). Normally, the amount is immediately credited to the Neteller account – depending on how long the online casino takes to confirm the withdrawal.

Important to note: Many online casinos only allow a withdrawal with Neteller if a deposit was also made with Neteller!

Neteller VIP System

Neteller is truly unbeaten when it comes to service among e-wallet providers. But Neteller also rewards its loyal customers. VIP customers get exclusive discounts on deposits and withdrawals, with fees billed monthly. Gold, Platinum, and Diamond VIPs even get instantly released higher limits on all transactions and are provided with their own contact person who can immediately help out with any concerns or problems – in the customer’s language, of course. And if that wasn’t enough: at Neteller, users can earn points when they make transactions and exchange them for real money. Additional points are awarded annually for being a Neteller customer.


Neteller is a trusted company, and rightly so. Security measures are constantly checked and updated with the latest technologies, so every transaction is truly secure. Every transfer is further secured via 128-bit encryption. By using Neteller, users never have to transmit their data directly to the online casino. All personal and sensitive information, such as credit card details, are kept absolutely confidential by Neteller and are never passed on to third parties.

FAQ – Frequently asked questions about Neteller

✅ Do I need an account for Neteller?

Yes, you need a Neteller account to use Neteller. This can easily be done via the website.

💲 Does the registration cost anything?

No, registering for a Neteller account is completely free! You only need to enter your personal details and you can also use your bank details.

❓ Is Neteller accepted in every online casino?

For the most part, Neteller is offered at every online casino. However, there may be some exceptions as Neteller casinos have to earn their reputation and thus Neteller itself considers these casinos to be safe and reputable.

💸 How much money can you deposit and withdraw at Neteller casinos?

As with any other payment method, the deposit and withdrawal limit depends on the Neteller casino itself. However, the minimum deposit is usually $10.

💰 Are there any fees with Neteller?

Neteller charges fees for deposits to Neteller and from Neteller to a bank account. Often the Neteller casino itself does not charge a fee – but you should always check with the casino.

What happens if Neteller Casino doesn’t offer the same currency as my Neteller account?

Neteller charges a percentage of around 3.79% for this. So there is no problem with such inconvenience. If you have higher VIP status, you can also set up multiple currency accounts and thus avoid the conversion rate.

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