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Top Games for iPhone and Android without Downloading

Mobile games do not always have a good reputation simply because some people perceive them as just the kind of mobile applications that are going to empty your wallet completely leaving you with nothing to look forward to. However, there are also plenty of fascinating options to try out using the portable appliance of your choice. There is no need to be an expert in gambling entertainment in order to have lots of fun playing these games. All you need is a little bit of patience and good fortune and you are all set to enter the lucrative world of mobile gambling.

If you are now looking for the premium-level non-downloadable Android and iPhone games, then you’ve come to the right place. We here have gathered a few top-notch options that will allow you to enjoy your gambling hobby time to the fullest without the need to pay a single penny. What is more, we are here to keep up with the latest changes and updates on the market, so stay loyal to SlotsSpot and you’ll get access to the best free casinos slot games accessible on the modern-day market!

And the best part of it all is that you do not have to sit at home using your desktop device in order to be able to play your favorite games, because you can easily access the following list of gambling tools on-the-go while heading somewhere or waiting for your turn regardless of when or where you currently are. All you need is good internet connection and you are ready to go, so check out the list of most fascinating iPhone and Android-based games that are currently available in the present-day casino segment.

1- Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast

The new release of Iron Maiden is dedicated entirely to the fans of the series, so you are likely to find everything you were puzzled about in this newly launched casino game. Legacy of the Beast is going to be a fabulous addition to your collection of Android and iPhone-powered games, as the major characters, landscapes and proceedings are quite the same, but with a new twist to add some more drive to the legendary story. The fights and battles are going to bring you many lucrative rewards, although some difficulty is still present here, but this is your only obstacle to success. The ease of the battling mechanism has been enhanced with a rhythmic action so you are going to enjoy much more than just simple fighting against your enemies. As such, if you have long been searching for some thrilling mobile game to try out, here is exactly what you need. Each of your next moves might be predictable, but there will be many challenges waiting to be tackled by brave warriors. The difficulty associated with each subsequent obstacle on your way will never seem to be too tiresome, so you’ll have lots of fun during this altogether thrilling and captivating game. You may launch it either on Android or iPhone devices, so get ready for intense gameplay and gather all your courage, as you’ll need much of it while playing this game!

2- Reigns by Nerial

If you are looking for some game that would be compatible with not only Android, but also Apple-powered appliances, then here is a good option on offer – Reigns from Nerial soft developer. You might be thinking that using an interface from a dating-oriented app to regulate the proceedings inside an old-world kingdom is a bit odd, but this is exactly what Reigns game is all about. It is also added with a sequel known as Reigns: Her Majesty, which represents a fascinating addition to the authentic gaming product from this developer. Keep up with the immediate needs of your kingdom and consult the regal advisors to help you out in any situation. In fact, there will be plenty of chances to complete designated tasks and engage in life-changing proceedings. If good fortune is by your side, you would even get a chance to identify how to get rid of the curse affecting your entire family line, so keep playing and you’ll achieve all your objectives with ease. The authentic Reigns game is accessible on Android and iOS, while its sequel can be launched on Apple appliances as well, so choose what suits you best and grab the lady luck by her tail to come out victorious and successfully achieve your goals!

3- South Park: Phone Destroyer by Ubisoft

If you are a big fan of South Park series, you might just as well find it increasingly amusing and joyful to try out the new gaming offering from Ubisoft developer. This game might even turn into your favorite one, in case you got tired of playing the previously launched releases. The iconic Ubisoft developer has produced a fascinating game that is filled with rude humor and many unexpected turns of the storyline. Here you will find the long-familiar characters from the world-famous cartoonish product. The game is based on the card gathering experience, so you might even be able to gather an exclusive deck while playing with your favorite characters in the heart of Colorado town. This game will not leave you indifferent in any way, as it is unexpectedly challenging and increasingly amusing to play, while at the same time offering the most satisfying gaming-based sessions that you can easily enjoy on the go through your iPhone or Android device with no need to download any software programs to your appliance.

4- Stranger Things: The Game by Netflix, BonusXP

This gaming tool is grounded on the idea behind a world-popular Netflix series. The online game takes the scene of the 1980s depicted in the series to a totally new level due to the unique visual imagery and many adventurous turns of the storyline. Here you will also find the cast from the long-familiar series so that you’ll get a chance to play with your beloved characters that have a capacity to deal with puzzling obstacles on their way to glory and success. The topical destinations from the movie series can also be encountered here. You’ll find all sorts of puzzles and various other mysterious gaming elements that will allow you to enjoy the gameplay to the fullest even if you are not a big fan of the show. This game is accessible on both Android and iOS, so you can play it on the go non-stop and with absolutely no limits. Enjoy!

5- Mini Metro by Dinosaur Polo Club

To add some more charm to our list of the most fascinating games for iPhone and Android devices, we would like to discuss this globally recognized and probably the most exciting strategy game existing on today’s market. You’ll get a chance to line up your personal metro network using multiple stations on the available maps of the most legendary cities of the planet. The game is packed with fascinating sound effects that are going to please the electronic music fans. There will be some challenges as well, taking the form of cluttered metro stations and insufficient resources, but you’ll have plenty of fun connecting the underground stations all along. This game is fully compatible with Android devices, so all smartphone users can launch it on their appliances with extreme ease and with no fuss.

As such, this is not entirely a full list of all iPhone and Android-based games that can be found across the gaming market, but these are probably the most fascinating and popular additions to the collections of non-downloadable offerings in this segment. You may find the fullest library of such games at SlotsSpot and start your fabulous journey towards ultimate success and glory. Don’t hesitate to try out some of the best gaming offerings accessible to the modern-day mobile users!


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