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British Gas homecare phone number: A 24/7 helpline number

One of the most promising and leading homecare protection service provider in UK is the British gas homecare service which can be contacted by just calling the British gas Homecare Phone number. It is one of the most popular service provider which provide protection for the boilers, electrics, heating elements and also plumbing and drains. Closer look to the biggest energy supplier of UK that is British gas Homecare Service provide us many criteria for which we should choose it above all.

Homecare Packages and helps provided by the British gas

British gas to its owners, provide a range of insurance packages which covers a lot of problems. This problems they cover is like plumbing and draining cover, heating cover and also like boiler cover. Even all important gas certificates are also provided by the British Gas Homecare service. Not only that but also British Gas offers landlords a very cherishing property and that is a regular Boiler check.

British Gas provide a versatile heating system that is HIVE active heating which enables the customer to control the heating. HIVE active heating is a wireless remote controlled heat control process. The company also provides additional help and a range of additional products of which some are included in the British Homecare packages. One of the best example of British gas range of energy related insurance cover, is the Homecare service. Central heating, gas and home appliances, plumbing and drains and electrics these are the additional support provided by the homecare service of British gas.

Different levels of covers

Four products are there which provides different levels of cover:

  • Homecare One
  • Homecare Two
  • Homecare Three
  • Homecare Four

Ongoing maintenance, servicing and cover for breakdown and repairs are provided by this British Gas Homecare one to four products of any boilers. All the homecare products provide different kind of help.

Homecare One and Home care Two

Homecare one provides cover for the gas boilers and control and is a basic homecare product. Homecare two also provides the same thing. Most of the things are covered by the Home Care one and two. But also there are few exceptions that cannot be covered like removing sludge, repair to a central heating system, showers and scale. Even Any problems regarding plumbing, drains and electrical wiring and fixtures are not covered by Home care one and two.

Homecare three and homecare four

Homecare three and four cover includes much more than the homecare one and two. Cover for central heating, plumbing and drains, and gas boiler and controls are provided by the homecare three. Cover for plumbing and drains means repair for cold and hot water pipes.This repair also available for the water supply pipes which is under the boundary of owner’s property. There are some exclusions for homecare three which include repairs for the electrical wiring and fixtures for the owners home and even for broken and damaged faulty electrical fittings. Homecare four also do all this same things including cover for the electrical appliances or cooker heads.

For 24×7 British gas Homecare service is available with qualified gas safe registered engineers. So choose it above all.

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