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Guide To Write Instagram Captions To Boost Engagement

Instagram captions are very important to get engagements and but coming up again and again with good captions can be really hard. If you are looking for tips to create Instagram Captions, read this article to the end. Before we start remember that, all tips mentioned below will only work when you have followers as your engagements start with your followers. If you don’t have many followers you need to get that first and if you don’t know how you can get many followers easily just buy Instagram followers from here. So, when you have followers, start with the following tips.

Create a Call to Action

Adding a call to action in your Instagram caption is must when you really need engagements. You don’t need to put it in all your posts but in most of the posts. Your call to action should be so good that no one could refuse it.

Use Emojis

Emojis are also great to use in captions to get engagements as these make caption more interesting and appealing. Just start your caption with emojis or you can replace a word with emojis as there are many emojis that can cover some words. So, try to use emojis in your captions but don’t overuse them.

Try to Write Brief Captions

Longer caption cannot be fully displayed on Instagram feed. To view longer captions, users need to click on more, but we all know that Instagram is scrolled on a brisk pace and no one want to check the full captions. So, if you know that your caption can be longer than 125 characters, it is the limit of character that can b showed on Instagram feed, then try to make it brief. Moreover, when you know that your post is good enough and says everything you want your followers to know, don’t write longer captions at all.

Add Important Words at the Beginning

As we have discussed you need to add short captions as no one wants to read long ones. But if you are going with long captions, add some important words at the beginning of that caption as it will encourage users to tap more and chances to get engagement will increase.

Use Hashtags in your Captions

These days, hashtags are must in every caption. However, these are not mandatory but when you are looking for more followers and engagements, it can definitely help you. Search for the popular hashtags that relate to your posts or create your own and put them in your caption. Add them wherever you want in your caption but do it smartly. Make sure you use a hashtag of your brand in most of the posts as it will let other users find all your posts.

Mention your Users in your Captions

This is one of the best ways to get more and more engagements with captions. When you know some of your followers who are really very active and engages with most of your posts, just thank them in a post by mentioning them or just check out the profiles of your followers and if you find anything interesting there that can relate to your product or services, just share that image and mention the name of that follower in your caption. It will give you many engagements as the followers of the one you mentioned will surely like or comment on that post.

Ask a Question at the End of Your Caption

This is also a very popular technique to get engagements. Compared to the captions that don’t have any question, captions with questions get more engagements. For example, if you sharing some tips in your caption about anything, then at the end add a question like “so, which tip will you use first? Do let us know by commenting below”. So, add a question in your caption and get more engagements.

Run a Contest Caption

When you are really looking to get more engagements with your captions, then nothing can work better than this for you. Just run a contest and offer amazing prizes for the winners. Below is an example of such a caption.


So, that’s all you need to know to write amazing captions. When you follow all these tips, you will see the boost in your engagements within few days. If it takes time, do buy more followers as more the followers more the engagements.

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