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Tekla Model Sharing- an effective collaboration tool in the construction industry

Technological advancements have been fueling the faster progress of the world we live in. So has the construction industry been greatly facilitated by the advancement that has happened lately in the AEC industry. Out of the many notable changes in the AEC industry that happened in the last decade, the one that revolutionized the way we handled the pre-construction phase was the formulation of Building Information Modeling (BIM). Since then BIM is being widely used in large construction projects. When it comes to BIM, engineers and designers need to thank Trimble for their versatile software package “Tekla Structures”.

Tekla Structures has been continuously evolving over the years to cope with the growing demands of the AEC industry. The ample proof for this was the “Tekla model sharing” Trimble released in the 2015 version of Tekla structures 21. Model Sharing is an ideal tool for complex construction projects to keep every part of the project up to date.

According to Arjan van Dijk, Oostingh Staalbouw Katwijk’s Manager of Operations, the major benefit from Tekla Model Sharing is easy to point out. “With Model Sharing, your work is always up-to-date.” “Ease of use is also a definite benefit,” he continues*.

What is Tekla Model Sharing?

Tekla model sharing is a fast, flexible and innovative tool for BIM collaboration, released by Trimble in the year 2015. It enables Tekla users at different locations and time zones to efficiently collaborate within one Tekla Structure model. Tekla Model sharing makes it possible to manage teams and to assemble the right people for a project (irrespective of their location or time zones) no matter how big or complex a project is.

With Tekla Model Sharing you can

• invite other users to your shared models

• join someone else’s shared models

• share model changes

How do this work?

The local version of the model data is locally stored in every user’s computer or a network drive. This model is connected to the cloud-based sharing service everytime you start sharing a model. When you read in the changes made by other users, the local version in your computer will be updated automatically i.e. the incremental packets from the cloud-storage will merge with the local model in your computer.

The major advantage of using Tekla Model sharing is that you don’t need to have an uninterrupted internet connection. You need to be online only when you want to write out or read in the changes. This enables more efficient resource management and works allocation.


Advantages of Tekla Model Sharing:

Saves money and time

Unlike other model sharing platforms, Tekla Modeling software does not share the entire model, rather it shares only the changes that have been made to your model. Every time a team member shares the changes made the entire team saves time

Easier supervision of larger processes

The major advantage of using Tekla Model sharing is that the team members involved in a project can easily work on the Tekla structure model in different roles. Irrespective of the internet condition, time zone or location work can be allotted to every team member. The access to the shared model is reliable and the model data is stored safe and is transfer encrypted.

Meets the project privacy and security concerns

The cloud-based storage Tekla Modeling service provides is a secured platform with protected access and transfer to customer data. Every bit of data transferred is encrypted, ensuring strict confidentiality. It has an additional layer of security when it comes to working with designers outside your company. This software provides an option to collaborate with external users without giving them access to the company network. Every version of the Trimble software package is audited by world-class cyber-security professionals ensuring confidentiality and security of the designs and models.

Keeps the stakeholders updated at every point of time

By providing the project stakeholders with the access to the cloud storage, they can keep themselves updated on the current progress of the projects. Any changes made by the project team to the model would be automatically available to them which ensures maximum transparency.

Lock your models to prevent unauthorized modifications

As a part of Trimble’s commitment to customer satisfaction, much-needed updates have been introduced in the latest version of Tekla Structures which came out in 2017. This update included the provision to restrict a specific user from making any modification in a shared model. This feature was much needed by the designers when they had to share the access to a model with a team outside the company.

Do not need an uninterrupted internet connectivity

This feature has greatly been of use considering the fact that one can work from any place without the hassles of poor connectivity. In order to work on a shared model one does not require an uninterrupted internet connection. Only when the modified model needs to be shared/updated internet connectivity is required. This feature is unique to Tekla Structures.

Tekla model sharing platform was truly a revolutionizing update Trimble came up with. It was a lending hand for BIM engineers working on Integrated Project Deliveries giving them a much wider option to collaborate with their team with ease. It is for these reasons “Tekla Structures” remains a favourite among the present day BIM engineers.

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