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How To Prepare Your Business For Tornadoes

Tornadoes are one of the most destructive types of storms. They can appear with little warning, bringing winds that can exceed 250 miles per hour. When a tornado damages an area, the economic cost to local businesses can be enormous. Several of these storms have caused billions in damage, despite being fairly short-lived.

Despite their vulnerability, many small businesses have little or no plan for natural disasters. In fact, around half of all businesses hit by disasters never recover. So, if you are a business owner or manager, preparing an Emergency Action Plan and Business Continuity Plan is a must. Use the following handy tips to keep your workplace safe from such calamities and hazards.

Being Prepared for the Storm

The first part of your plan should be dealing with the storm itself. As tornadoes appear with little warning, it is important to be ready ahead of time.

  1. Minimize Unsecured Items: Keep the amount of unsecured equipment in your area to a minimum. This should include regular removal of items such as dead trees and debris.
  2. Identify a Shelter-In-Place Plan: Find the safest space in your facility. Ensure that your team members and customers are able to find it. Additionally, stock the space with emergency supplies.
  3. Prepare Your Team: Make sure your team members are familiar with the plan for an emergency. Additionally, teach them how to take care of customers who may be at your business.

Advance warning can help keep people, and your business, safe. Businesses with storm detectors are able to notify employees faster, allowing time to prepare both people and possessions.

Continuing to Operate

Have a business continuity plan in place to ensure you can maintain operations even if your physical location is damaged. Part of this is backing up essential information such as financial and inventory data. If possible, establish a work from home policy to allow your company to keep operating, even if at less than full capacity.

Planning ahead is essential to be ready for tornadoes. Consider equipping your business with the best outdoor weather station. A combination of advance warning and a strong plan can ensure your business stays in operation for years to come.

Be Proactive & Train Your Staff

Make sure your plan for crisis management is executed timely and without fail. It is a good idea to educate your staff about the plan. Give them a walkthrough of the backup secure areas within the building. This is the place where they will gather in the event of a tornado. I also suggest you train your employees with drills for such procedures and designate appropriate roles and responsibilities to all of them. Get the help of an appointed tornado officer who will guide your staff to shift to the allocated safe zone by interpreting signs.

Call To Action For Minimizing Property Damage 

To avoid any damages to your office and its items, have your perimeter and outbuildings properly secured to prevent any harmful consequences. Use strong supports for weak spots within the infrastructure like roof strapping and door bracing etc. Keep computers, storage devices and servers in tornado-resistant areas built using appropriate wind mitigation strategies and powerful construction material.

Check For Threatening Climatic Conditions

Use the NOAA Weather Radio network that transmits local weather broadcasts on behalf of the National Weather Service providers. These devices are available in the market and enterprises can purchase them to monitor gritty weather conditions. Another good alternative is to use a nice weather app that provides real-time climatic updates. Have a designated monitoring officer keep a check on the broadcasts and send an early warning in case of an upcoming storm. The earlier you identify a potentially dangerous weather condition, the better you will be able to mitigate it and save your business and lives around you.

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