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Get this best iTunes Alternative to Flexibly Manage & Transfer iPhone files for Free

If you are using an Apple product, such as the iPhone, iPad or the iPod and you also keep a Windows device for work, then you also probably use the iTunes program from Apple. iTunes is a great option for managing your library on your iPhone or iPad or any other Apple device, but when it comes to ease of use, iTunes is quite sub-par. This is partly because of how many features Apple has packed into a single software. People usually buy iOS devices for their simplicity, but the companion program from PCs are not at all simple. Moreover, iTunes is quite restrictive when it comes to what you can put on your phone from the PC. It’s all a part of Apple’s walled garden.

However, there’s a way out. Digiarty software, known for their popular WinX DVD Ripper program, now has a new software – WinX MediaTrans, that aims to ease media transfer between an iOS device and a PC. No matter your target files are photo, pictures, video, movie, music, ebook, etc, it lets you transfer and manage these files in your most familiar way. It is available for both Windows as well as Macs.

What Sets WinX MediaTrans Apart?

Now, why would a third-party software be better than Apple’s own solution? This is because WinX MediaTrans is a much simpler package that only aims to transfer media to and from your phone. It also has some extra features, such as conversion of unsupported media, ability to create ringtones from your favourite media files, and the ability to store files on your device like you would on a flash drive.

WinX MediaTrans has a much smaller footprint on your system and also comes in a much smaller package. The installer is less than 50MB, whereas downloading iTunes from Microsoft Store is almost ten times the size. WinX MediaTrans is just a more sensible solution if you are looking for transferring media between your PC and iOS device.

Giveaway of this iTunes Alternative

Before proceeding with this article, you should also check out the Giveaway by Digiarty, where you get a fully licensed copy of the software. It’s also available for Mac users. You get a copy of WinX MediaTrans for free. Plus, if you are a fan of rage comics and frustrated with iTunes, then you should definitely give that page a visit.

So, How Good Is It?

Coming to the program itself, WinX MediaTrans comes in an easy to install package that you can download directly from the official website. It installs in a couple of steps on a Windows PC and requires no Apple ID during the setup process. Here are some of the key features of the program.

A Clean and Intuitive User Interface

When you launch the program, you get a minimal user interface where you can choose what to do next. You are presented with seven options – Photo Transfer, Music Manager, Video Manager, Books, Voice and Ringtone, Flash Drive and Remove DRM. From this screen, you can simply select what you want to do and the corresponding module will open. Moreover, the minimal user interface also keeps the product performing incredibly fast. In fact, it performs much faster than iTunes and does not get stuck in the middle of any operation.


Each and every section of the software has a clean and easy-to-use interface with all the essential options in place. Compared to iTunes, WinX MediaTrans has much less clutter.

Easily Transfer Media in Two-Way

This is what WinX MediaTranswas built to do and it does the job extremely well. Not only are the media transfers really easy to perform, but they are also very fast. It’s as simple as a drag-and-drop from your PC’s hard drive. Since there is no iCloud account linked, most of the transfers occur at blazing fast speeds. Moreover, if you have any media that is not supported, WinX MediaTrans can also convert it.

Convert Media Formats When Transfer /Sync Files

iOS devices do not really excel when it comes to file format support. So, if you have an audio or video file in a format that is not supported in your iOS device, you can covert it with the built-in media conversion module. You can convert both audio and video files. iTunes also supports conversions, but it is slow and also comes with very few options.

WinX MediaTrans also supports hardware accelerated video conversion. This uses your GPU besides your CPU to make faster video conversions. You do not have to wait long for the conversion to occur before the file is sent to your phone or tablet.

Make Ringtones

A neat feature is the ringtone maker where you can clip an audio file of your choice to make a ringtone. You get to select the forty-second segment from any audio file of your choice to make the ringtone. Making custom ringtones can be quite cumbersome and iTunes does not even provide this feature. However, with WinX MediaTrans, you are covered when it comes to personalized ringtones.

Use It as Portable Storage

With the flash drive feature, you can also use your iOS device to store any files of your choice. It can be documents, archives, executable program files, codes or anything. You can add and retrieve files from your device just like you would on a flash drive.

Wrap Up

WinX MediaTrans is the best alternative to iTunes if you do not care about the backup and restore feature. It does not require iTunes to be installed, comes with a clean and minimal UI, is easy to use, comes with a built-in video converter, ringtone maker and even a DRM remover. And the biggest advantage is that it does not freeze all of a sudden like iTunes.

Plus, you can get the full version for free from Digiarty’s giveaway.


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