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Published on March 8th, 2020 | by Bibhuranjan


Top 7 Tips for Your Social Media Ad Campaign

There’s certainly nothing easy about social media marketing, especially if you don’t have a lot of experience. However, it’s a vital part of digital marketing and it goes a long way towards boosting the online presence of any business. When it comes to social media a lot of people focus on posting updates and interacting with users and though this is important, you shouldn’t forget about social media ad campaigns.

7 Social Media Ad Campaign Tips Every Business Should Pay Attention To

  1. Have An Objective For The Campaign In MindThere are a lot of variables when it comes to creating a social media advertising campaign, which means that the entire creative process can be overwhelming. To ensure that your ad campaign has the best chance of success, have an objective in mind before getting started. Think about what you want to achieve from the campaign, do you want more social media followers or are you hoping to sell a specific product? Do you want to boost brand awareness or are you looking to target a new demographic?
  2. Select The Best Social Media Platforms For YouThere’s no shortage of social media platforms for you to choose from and though they all have their selling points, there is bound to be one or two that stand out as being ideal for your advertising campaign. The social media platform you choose will be based on what you are advertising to, the type of campaign you are running and what your target market is. Don’t simply choose the social media platform that you are most familiar with, choose the social media platform that will work best for your campaign.
  3. Look At What Your Competitors Are DoingYou should always avoid copying anything that a competitor is doing, but looking at their social media advertising campaign can be a big help. Consider what they are doing and what works for them, then think about how you could use this information to improve your advertising success. Though you are two different businesses, you are likely going to have a very similar target audience.
  4. Think About Your Specific Target AudienceWhen you are creating a social media advertising campaign, it’s important to think about your specific target audience. This is because you will need to create an advertisement that appeals to them, as what works for one demographic may not work for another. For example, young teenerages are going to engage with very different advertisements than a much older audience.
  5. Design Social Media Ads For Mobile DevicesA lot of people now access social media via their smartphones and tablets, which means that advertisements should be visible on all devices and not just a standard website. Creating a social media advertisement that only works on a computer will exclude a large number of potential customers, simply because they won’t be able to properly see the advertisement on their mobile phone.
  6. Don’t Be Afraid To Do Something DifferentThere’s no denying that sticking to the tried and tested advertising methods has its benefits, but that’s not to say that you should shy away from trying something different. Trying something different will help you to stand out amongst your competitors, many of which are going to be churning out similar ad campaigns. With an advertisement that is slightly different, you immediately increase your chances of being memorable.
  7. Continue To Advertise RegularlyIt’s not enough to advertise on social media every once in a while, as it doesn’t take long for potential customers to forget who you are and what you do. This is why you should advertise regularly. You can run the same ad campaign multiple times or come up with something new, both will remind people of what’s on offer and why they should find out more.

As you can see, there are a lot of ways to significantly improve your social media advertising campaign. Though you may have a tonne of experience with advertising a business or product via social media platforms, there is no harm in making small improvements here and there to give your advertising campaign a boost in the right direction.

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