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Learn How to get Instant Likes And Views On Instagram

Everyone posts with a hope to get instant Instagram views and likes, but it is not as simple as it usually looks. Still, there are ways you can use to increase your chances of getting more views, likes, and followers.

For instance:

  • Everyone likes something funny. People look for funny or humorous content which can divert them from the otherwise stressful routine. If you are wondering how to see what someone likes on Instagram, you can use an Instagram activity tracker for this purpose.
  • Hashtags will bring you more likes. Relevant hashtags will make users who don’t follow you also see your content other than your regular target audience. It’s a great way to reach more audience. But, the hashtags have to be relevant, and not everything should be put as a hashtag. Don’t overdo it otherwise users may get annoyed. So, how do you make sure to do it just the right way – here’s the hack – leave most of your hashtags in the comment section once you have already posted your image.
  • Make good use of the local #hashtags. Check out a few popular locations or hashtags in and around your city and look for the top accounts. This will enable you to easily connect with people who are near you and get more likes. Naturally, if you are from the same place, a sort of affinity develops.
  • Don’t forget to use the trending hashtags (most popular). Using popular hashtags effectively will increase your visibility, and if your content is good, then there are chances you can get featured or noticed by users browsing for those particular hashtags. That, surely, is going to get you more likes on the related photos.
  • Share what happens “Behind the scenes.” That is a great thing to do because people want to know how your brand is from the mouth of the employees. Feature them, let them do the talking – show the workplace and how employees enjoy as well as work together, show the extra activities and parties that you come up with for your employees. All that will make users believe that your brand is creating value for many people and help them connect emotionally to your brand.
  • Show your growth journey like a story. Show users how you started, what you currently are and how you have reached where you are today. This will help them understand the challenges you have faced and overcome and generate positivity and motivation amongst your followers. They can also better understand you as a person and connect emotionally with you. Eventually, your number of likes will rise in a good proportion.
  • Gear up your imagination to showcase your brand image. Think about – how you can project your brand image across Instagram, can you take some out-of-the-box photos that can be featured in different posts?
  • Engage more for more likes. Other than your content that you post, responding to others’ comments on your posts or commenting on other people’s post also helps in positive engagement and increases your overall visibility.
  • Engage more with other users’ posts and follow them. Use explore feed to find people who post most interesting contents about topics of your interest or that are relevant to you – keep an eye on those hashtags – are they the ones that you want to use too? Make sure you engage with your followers actively – by commenting on their posts and responding to their comments on yours. All you need to target initially is for that one big account – to mention you.
  • Follow relevant Accounts on Instagram. Instagram is new and currently perhaps the best platform for business to grow by interacting with new and old customers alike.
  • Target relevant accounts and engage with them to build your brand and promote it. Post teasers, contests, ads, and promotions by finding users in the similar field and try to collaborate and build an audience for each other. Always remember – the key is to like, comment, post and respond.
  • Follow a schedule. Always follow a schedule so that your audiences know when to look for your posts. Post just the right enough number of contents – if you post too many, users may feel spammed and if you post too less – well it’s obvious what’s going to happen – your existence won’t be felt. Post at least once a day, after that you can be frequent to respond to comments. Be as prompt as possible in responding and do it humbly. If you are running a contest, and need to send teasers one by one, limit it to maximum 3 per day. A minimum of one post per day is a good idea to keep getting noticed.

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