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How to Get a PS4 for Almost Free on DrakeMall

Sony PS4 is definitely one of the Next gen gaming consoles we all are loving to buy. The Sony PS4 is basically for the hardcore gamers and it is also exceptional for the best games to play. Gamers from all around the world are getting crazy to get the product and then play it. At first this might seem to be a bit costly, but if you have luck, you can get the product at a very low cost or even for free. Basically the PS4 is just a few shades away from a PC. Just like the advanced gaming consoles have, the PS4 also has AMD CPU and embedded GPU. The clock speed is ticking around 800 MHz and it has a good 8GB GDDR5 RAM. So, let us knops a bit more about the Sony PS4- Features and much more!

The console

The Sony PS4 is definitely a top competition in the market for hardcore gamers. It has the most outstanding pieces of elements that make the console look beautiful and it is very astonishing as well. Also, the product comes along with so much of joy and cheer. There is also a headphone jack and also a touch screen panel. Also, the Sony PS4 comes with a redesigned analog stick so you can use it at any point of time.


The PS4 comes along with Single-chip custom processor that you can get ate same time. It basically comes with a storage size of 1TB that you can get. Apart from this, it also comes with GDDR5 8GB storage. So you can also find a good space to store the games. Overall the processor is quite fast and also one of the best things that you can get. The PS4 Pro also you can get. You can get the resolution ranges from 1080p to 1440p on an HD TV. Overall, the gaming station will give you a definite experience of a pro Gamer and if you are searching around for the product, you will definitely love to get this product.

4K Experience

The PS4 also gives you 4K Experience that gives you enhances up calling techniques. It has a fast processor so it means that you can get the best results. Apart from this, the product also allows you to stream services and also 4K video Playback. So you can enjoy your off-time by not only playing, but also watching your favorite channels. The PS4 has Anti-aliasing graphics that has images with soft features like faces and rounded corners. There is also a visual FX which helps you to get the best services of your favorite things at any point of time. The CPU is of 8 cores and specifically the x86-64 AMD “Jaguar”. So it is quite fast and also very helpful to play your favorite games at times.

In spite of the fact that the PS4 does not have backwards abilities to play your PS3 titles, many of the recreations beforehand possessed can be obtained for a considerable discount from their online store. The only catch – you should insert the more seasoned PS3 circle into the console while playing the online version.

How DrakeMall works?

A lot of people worry about the legality of DrakeMall. But it is completely safe at the same time. DrakeMall gives you the opportunity to win prizes and amazing discounts through the virtual cases. However, it mostly works like a simple E-Commerce store. The user interface is also very simple. This makes it easier to use and to navigate as well. You need to order the product and it became much finer at the same time. The site is spread out in a basic and straightforward manner. Getting one of the finest things that you can get is definitely choosing the DrakeMall free scheme. DrakeMall is definitely one of those places where you can make your dream come true. So now, you can easily win a PS4!

The guidelines and functionality should work consistently. To begin with, you have to enroll for the administration with either your Email ID or other online networking profiles. Once you have registered, you now have to click onto the product to open the page.

How to get a PS4 for free on DrakeMall?

This completely depends on the Virtual box. If you are really looking to get a Sony Playstation 4 cheaper you need to create an account on DrakeMall first. All that you need to open the page and check for the credits that you have along with you. You may need to guarantee that you have enough credits required to open the case. It basically depends on your luck and how well you can use it. Once you click on the virtual case, tap to open it. In a while, you will get to know how much your value is. This will help you to definitely close down the money and get it at a low price.


So basically you can now get a PS4 for almost free on with simple and easy steps. Follow these steps above to know how to get a PS 4 Pro for almost free.

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