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Money Tips For International Business Travel [Infographic]

Traveling internationally for business trips can be quite different to doing so for personal reasons. It is even more important to be prepared for as many outcomes as possible when on a business trip than it is when on a vacation. The main reason for this is that every time someone travels for business reasons, they represent more than just themselves – they represent the business. It is essential to get extraneous things out of the way before heading out on such a trip, which is easier to do now than ever before with the luxuries that modern technology affords people. Looking up the local geography and culture of new places is a short process involving only a few clicks, and it is up to the travelers to make the most use out of being able to do this.

There are, of course, other concerns that are relevant to taking international business trips, many of which are financial in nature. These can relate to currency exchange rates, business credit cards, the best locations to exchange currency, and what to do about regular payments while traveling. It is important to look into all these things, especially when traveling to unfamiliar countries.

As a starting point, Fundera has created an infographic of 10 money tips for international business travelers that range from doing some basic research to what Dynamic Currency Conversion is and why it isn’t necessarily the best option when traveling internationally. It can be used as a checklist as well as a guide to make sure all background concerns are taken care of so there are minimal distractions on the trip. It includes timely, useful reminders like notifying the bank of travels, setting up automated payments, and ensuring that the traveler has the most secure credit card.

Many of these are simple tasks that people are able to do in a matter of minutes with the use of technology, but still accidentally miss because they get distracted by the assortment of other tasks they need to do before traveling to a different country. Keeping this infographic handy for all international business trips can ensure that the simple things don’t slip through the cracks!

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