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Published on February 4th, 2020 | by Ali Dino


A Freestanding Bathtub: Pros and Cons 

The Aquatica Plumbing Group is a US-based company, which designs and produces high-quality luxurious bathtubs. The company has rich experience in the business and has distinguished itself as a reputable bathtub manufacturer popular with thousands of customers.

This is what the Aquatica specialists tell about the company: “‘Bathtub’ maybe the most accurate word to describe what we at Aquatica create, but it hardly captures the blissful pleasure Aquatica engineer into every one of its bath designs.

At Aquatica, luxury, durability and exemplary performance supersede everything, including personal interests. Well, you really need to get one and see for yourself. Every time you take in the bathroom should be precious and memorable and that is why the company never ceases to bring you remarkable and glamorous bathtubs.

Perhaps a better description of what the company actually offers would be body basins, water cradles inspired by the pools found in nature, whose graceful forms and smooth uninterrupted lines sensuously cradle the body.” It for sure sounds like heaven or exotic paradise to you!

The company offers a rich catalog of products, which includes versatile bathtubs (corner, freestanding, soaking, drop-in, acrylic, stone, jetted, etc.), faucets, waste overflow kits, showers, bathroom sinks, bathroom furniture, and accessories.

The prevailing amount of baths designed by aquatic professionals is crafted from the mineral polymer blends and modern stone, which contributes to their durability and outstanding appeal. When you look at such a design you’ll see a sure durable option; a bathtub that is in for longevity and will last you for ages.

The extensive range of design options makes it possible to produce simple and affordable models as well as custom-made one of a kind pieces.

Are you choosing a bathtub for your home? Do you already have an option that seems to match all your expectations? Remember you should only spend on something that gives you the run for your money. It is quite a challenging task, considering how many options are available on the market today. If you need something going beyond standards, you should pay your attention to freestanding bath tubs. There are different types of bathtubs in this category, for instance, a whirlpool bath, air tub, deep tub, and others. All of them have all the sides finished, and you can install such a bathtub at any part of your home. Let’s find out the advantages and disadvantages of this bathtub.

However, exclusive designs are not the only benefit provided by the company. Skillful and knowledgeable Aquatica experts offer a fresh approach to the process of designing their products and implement innovative technologies combined with modern functionalities.

We are quick-moving into a digital era where technology is taking over everything. Therefore, having the latest technology in your bathroom is not an exception and you should really embrace it. This is more than enough to ensure the perfect and truly unsurpassed bathing experience.


A freestanding bathtub has a range of significant positive aspects, which might make it a good choice for you:

  • You can choose where to place it, and not only your bathroom can be this place. In fact, it can be virtually anywhere — in the center of your room, beside a window to view your garden, or in another part of your apartment;
  • It looks fantastic. Combining an unusual placement with an amazing design, you will get something really special. A variety of options is really large, and you can choose a bath of a particular shape, size, or color without any problems;
  • It may be easier to install. The thing is that your contractor will not have to build it into a wall or corner. Also, you can save some money on this work.


Now, let’s go through the negative aspects of owning such a bathtub:

  • It is not a good choice for a shower. Theoretically, you can install one, but it will not look great. Besides, you will need to use curtains, which will also spoil the whole impression;
  • A higher price. Although you can save some money on work, the price of such a bathtub is usually higher than that of built-in ones;
  • Lack of storage. You need to use different items for bathing, and it is better to keep them close to the bathtub. However, you will unlikely be able to make all of them easily reachable when you are in the tub.

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