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How Mobile App Technology is Changing HVAC Businesses

As technology advances, it is natural that all service fields take advantage of mobile apps. After all its 2018, right? Things can be done in a better fashion with a small device as opposed to the traditional way of using a pen and paper. According to a survey, 80% of service organizations agree that having a mobile app improves staff efficiency.

One can’t deny that the need for heating, ventilation and air conditioning services has risen over the years. Instead of spending hours figuring out the problems of refrigeration, cooling, ventilation, and heating manually, HVAC technicians welcome any technological advancement that can make their jobs easier and enhance their productivity.

Thanks to HVAC mobile applications, companies can provide a better service to their customers. Mobile friendly HVAC software and smartphones have become indispensable tools for the HVAC tech arsenal. It’s imperative to have an HVAC mobile solution that not only boosts productivity but also becomes a source of automated updates between office and field and records data in a jiffy.

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Today we will discuss a list of ways of how the right mobile app technology can change an HVAC service company for the better!

1. Go paperless

Did you know that each office worker uses around 10,000 sheets of paper annually that cost more than $500? Multiply this figure by all the employees in your office and add in the cost of printers, copiers, toner and other devices. The total cost can be overwhelming, to say the least. Now, look at an alternate solution, where all this information can be accessed through a device that fits in the palm of your hand.

The ROI of going paperless is usually seen in a few months and you’ll also be doing the environment a huge favor too. You can probably save up to $100,000 a year if you develop a suitable app to suit all your HVAC service needs. Plus, it will also save a lot of headaches and unnecessary time resolving manual data entry errors.

Having a mobile app is the perfect solution to save time and money.

2. Instant access to information

One of the main factors behind a successful HVAC team is that all the members should have instant access to information. Thanks to HVAC mobile apps, technicians can access digital records from their own mobile devices. Crucial information such as customer history, cost estimates, drawings and reference images, technician schedules and field locations can be accessed and shared at any hour of the day. According to Field Technologies’ report, Field Mobility 2014, a mobile solution is important to enable real-time decision making and accurate databases.

This means that HVAC apps can help address client needs faster, allow technicians to work independently and make fewer mistakes that will ultimately lead to increased productivity and higher revenue.

3. Improved service scheduling

A smooth-running HVAC mobile app makes it possible to improve service scheduling. All information under one umbrella makes it easy for schedulers to make rapid work order scheduling decisions according to site location.

A mobile app offers instant connectivity and ease that makes the scheduling and dispatch operation even more smooth. With a single click, technicians can update work-related details, enter customer information and much more. This streamlined approach in scheduling vastly improves customer service and efficiency.

4. Get paid faster

A well-designed HVAC mobile app can also help you get paid faster as it offers a one-day billing turnaround. Enter your technicians working hours, job and task details and sync the data with your billing system. It speeds up the cash cycle and even gives customers the added ease of paying online directly through the mobile app. This equals less waiting time and a faster turnaround on payments.

5. Better customer service

Integrating HVAC service and mobile app technology not only improves communication between the technicians and office staff but also enhances customer service. Technicians can easily contact customers in case of any change in plans or last-minute changes. It also empowers technicians to answer all questions of customers with accurate information. Customers can also track the location of technicians so they can know when to expect their arrival and leave related feedback.

6. Increased online visibility

According to a report published by BrightEdge, around 57% of online traffic is generated through smartphones and other hand-held devices. This percentage is steadily growing with each passing year. So, if your HVAC company hasn’t developed a mobile app yet, it is time to think about it.

An app can help your company boost its online presence. A strong web presence can help you land with more leads and can expand your business more than ever. Make sure your HVAC service website has easy-to-use contact forms and the phone number is displayed prominently on all pages.

7. Leave no task untracked

Having a mobile app for your HVAC service helps you take a systematic approach towards the whole work cycle. Stay aware of the job specifics that your technicians need to do, and segment them into smaller tasks. This way, it is easier for company managers to analyze the results of each task and determine ways to improve them.


As the use of smartphones becomes increasingly prevalent in our daily lives, the relationship between HVAC service organizations and mobile technology will only continue to foster. If you want your business to flourish, look for intelligent ways to capitalize on mobile app technology.

After all, it will help your business stay relevant and up-to-date. There are several advantages of using a mobile app for your HVAC business. So, lead the way by offering a flexible mobile service application. The good news is that you can even use Augmented Reality i.e. AR to make your app even more interesting.

Have you had a first-hand experience with an HVAC mobile app? How did it impact your HVAC service business and your customer service? Let us know.

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