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Writing the Perfect Guest Post Pitch [Infographic]

It doesn’t matter if you have a new tech blog, small business, or work in a marketing department of a large enterprise – everyone who wants to increase their visibility in this crowded online playground will, sooner or later, try to do that through guest blogging or influencer outreach.

Whatever your approach might be, this will mean that you will need to send out some emails. In most cases, those will be emails to people you don’t know, asking them for a content collaboration they might not be excited about.

All of these things lead to one simple conclusion – knowing how to write a perfect guest post pitch that will make an excellent first impression and open the doors for any kind of collaboration is definitely a skill you want to have in your arsenal.

Luckily for you, we are here to show you the results of a big research that involved over 80 editors and content manager from some of the top business and marketing blogs. As we do a lot of outreach ourselves, we wanted to check how different editors value different pitch elements (like overall structure, detailed topic descriptions, different types of subject lines, etc.).

We used this chance to learn additional information that could be interesting to most marketers and blogger like how many guest post pitches these editors receive each day, on which devices they are reading them, what is the average quality of content submitted by the guest authors, and some other numbers on guest posting in general.

To wrap things up, we also left them with an option to leave a comment with anything relevant that they want to share with their future contributors. Most of them took this chance to leave some really insightful comments, and we included many of them on the infographic you will find below, alongside the full research results.

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