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HLS and CYBER Security Conference 2019

It is our privilege and great pleasure to invite you to visit Israel’s 6th International HLS & Cyber Conference & Exhibition, a biennial event that brings together thousands of senior public officials and government agencies from around the world. Every year executives from multinational companies and leading enterprises meet to discuss, learn about and discover our world’s security challenges and today’s innovative solutions.

Participating in cyber security conferences is an excellent opportunity to learn from experts in the field, enrich your knowledge, and of course make connections with cyber professionals. During the year, many conferences and events are expected to be held around the world.

increasingly intelligent fences, communications interceptors and risk analysis programs are some of the innovations that the Israeli industry exposes at the information security conference ISDEF, in which the key word seems to be in the “system integration”.

More than 160 exhibiting companies and over 5,000 visitors. It is the balance of the latest edition of HLS & Cyber, one of the most important security fairs in Israel, which welcomes both physical security and cyber security companies. Along with a wide range of solutions, the exhibition also offers two intense conference days in which international experts take part.

Israel is considered one of the main global powers of the security industry. It is a traditionally leading country in the design of defense weapons and technologies applied to what is known as Homeland Security . In recent decades, is also in the top positions in what cybersecurity is concerned. Not in vain, some of its companies have positioned themselves as world leaders in this field.

According to data from the International Cooperation Institute of Israel, in 2015 Defense exports – of which 23 percent were systems and products for national security – reached a total of 5.6 billion dollars and cybersecurity reached almost 3,500 million dollars, “5 percent of world exports”, indicate from the agency.

Israel HLS & Cyber ​​attracts both established companies and startups in the security sector, many of which receive direct support from the Israeli government. This is the case of Source Defense, which has developed a cloud-based platform for the protection of web pages against attacks from applications that provide services. With only three partners, this small company is one of those currently benefiting from the business incubator located in the south of Israel and, as its CEO, Hadar Blutrich, has government funding and support.

One of the markets that earns more integers in Israel is that of drones. In this specialty, HLS & Cyber ​​combined the offer of companies such as Laser Detect Systems, which presented a new unmanned aircraft equipped with devices to detect explosives and chemicals, with others such as Controp, which distributes a radar for the detection and neutralization of drones in critical facilities.

In the cybersecurity section, important was the offer of security software solutions, network protection, workstation or mobile devices. Check Point or Morphisec were some of the firms that presented novelties for these environments.

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