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2018 best Android Controlled Drone

Unmanned airborne vehicles or drones are one of mankind’s most advanced creations. It is typically oftenseen in the sky, hovering around, either for hobby or recreational purposes or even for more professional activities such as aerial photography.

Nevertheless, as regular drones have become slightly outdated, this article has the aim of widening the information available on the very best drones controlled by Android. Technology has become so advanced that the popular mobile operating system, Android has moved from powering smartphones, to a totally new set of devices.


Consequently, it is possible that a smartphone can be used as a drone’s controller.The drone’s live transmission can be vied using the smartphone’s view. And the drone is controlled by the touchscreen, reducing the worry of bulky controllers. Below are some of the manageable drones for the newbies.

Top Drones That Are Android Powered


DJI is a renowned brand name in the drone maker industry simply as a result of its technical knowhow. The DJI Phantom 3 Advanced Quadcopter Drone is a drone that has gathered renown for its ability to take amazing pictures thanks to its onboard camera.

The secret of this particular trait can be attributed to the mobile app which the manufacturer has created intricately for its customers. The accompanied app known as the DJI Pilot app can be used with any iOS and Android device, meaning users can be totally up-to-date on any quadcopter related manner. This app enables user to function as a proper pilot, while switching the HD Camera angles to suit the requirements with ease.


Additionally, the app enables users to adjust flight settings as needed, hence the app being able to back up its name.The great thing about this app is its ability to live stream the drone’s footage onto the users’ mobile devices such as android smartphones and tablets, all in High Definition.

Along with other features, there is a beginner mode on the drone, which enables novice fliers to operate the drone in a controlled environment, which is safe and enables them build their confidence. This is an exceptional feature to include in a drone.


This next drone is produced by DBPOWER, a company known for making drones with a couple interesting features. The most notable feature of this drone is the One Key Landing and Takeoff feature. This feature is a great addition for novice drone operators, as it means the user does not need to pilot the drone during takeoff and landing. This means users are able to pilot the drone and perfectly land it in one simple button tap.

DBPOWER FPV Wi-Fi Motion sensing quadcopter is renowned for having two modes of flight for users to select from. The first flight control mode is called the Motion Sensing Control function. When activated, this mode enables an operator to use any android device like a tablet or phone to operate the drone. This is seamlessly done by downloading and installing the app on the desired android device. The second control mode is by making use of a transmitter, which then sends control signals to the drone. When this flight mode is activated, restrictions are placed on using an android device. The limitations only allow the device to be used to view images taken by the drone’s camera.


The camera’s main attraction is the fact that it takes clear and crisp videos and images which then get stored on the android device for later viewing by the user.


This product is the Syma X5, of which a standout feature of this drone is the fact that it makes use of 2.4GHz technology. A feature like this on a drone, is solely responsible for securing it against all forms of internal or external signal interference.

With this feature, operators can control a maximum of 20 drones simultaneously, without there being an issue that could impede flight. This is definitely a flagship feature that ensures this drone is perfectly suited to being flown via android apps.


The android mobile application of the drone would first need to be downloaded and then synced to the drone, before any flying can occur. The drone’s availability for both Apple iOS and Android devices greatly increases its popularity.

Additionally, users will also see that the app’s installation is extremely seamless, however, should there be a desire to not use a smartphone, there a remote controlled that accompanies the drone. What’s great about this drone is the fact that it is seamlessly controlled using either the secure remote controller attached or the dedicated android app.

This drone’s numerous other features include things like, its inbuilt electronic compass, its Camera with HD capabilities and the renowned ability of this drone to start a Wi-Fi transmission midflight.

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