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EASEUS Data Recovery Software – Your One-Stop Solution to Get Back Lost Files

Nowadays we solely rely on software in every walk of our life. The data may be for our official requirements or for our personal use but we always want to make sure that we can access them whenever we want

Now, many a time, we accidentally delete files from our computer by formatting a camera memory card. After deleting, initially, the file lands up in the recycle bin. But after it has been removed even from the trash bin, the system makes the file scarcely accessible.

Most of us have this perception that data loss implies that we cannot get back the file anymore. But on the contrary, it is still very much possible to retrieve data even after it has been erased. Most of it might still remain on the hard drive, and in order to recover that, we need an effective data recovery software like EaseUS.

How to get back data using EaseUS?

When a file is erased from the computer or any storage device, it is not immediately gone. Windows simply marks the free space available by changing one particular character of that file so that it would not show up in the “My Computer” section. So, the faster the recovery process, the faster is the chance that we will be able to access our lost files.

  • You can download EaseUs data recovery wizard from its official site for absolutely free of cost. And then all you have to do is boot the PC for the wizard to take effect.
  • After installation, you have to select a specific disk from which you need to recover data and then hit scan option. A quick scan will be followed by a deep scan to locate more files which had been previously deleted.
  • After thorough scanning, you can opt for the files that you wish to access again. You can either save them on the same disk where they resided previously. Or if there is a slight chance of virus infestation in your PC then you can even restore them to another device for security.

EaseUs data recovery from different storage media

EaseUs is the perfect software to get back all the deleted files like photos, music and even emails and document files. It can be used along with any kind of storage media for the file retrieval, like:

  • PC recovery – We can recover files lost and corrupted files from hard drive, external hard drive on our PCs and servers and we can even get back our formatted partitions.
  • Memory Card Recovery – Be it any infected memory sticks like SD Card, CF Card and Micro Card we can restore any precious data with the assistant of our personal wizard.
  • USB drive Recovery – It may sometimes occur that we install a USB device into our system and then accidentally hit the delete option. The deletion may happen due to formatting or malware attack. We can get our USB data back with the help of this recovery tool.

Perks of using EaseUS

EasuUs packs in plenty of benefits apart from quick data recovery.

  • Huge capacity – This software is available in 2 versions – free and paid. We can get a maximum of 2GB of recovery data if we opt for the free one which is a big plus.
  • User convenience – The software is designed in such a way that even novice computer users can execute it with ease.
  • Versatility – Be it the zip files or any other official documents, it can fetch all sorts of files

The show stealer is the excellent customer chat support of EaseUS. If you want to recover deleted files EaseUS is going to be your one-stop solution for sure.

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