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Virtual Reality – Endless Possibilities

Oculus Rift at Facebook and Morpheus project at Sony – Virtual reality has started to actually become “real” and has promised to revolutionize video games and social relations. This ambitious technology is on track to establish itself in our daily lives, despite some practical and societal limits.

Ultimate fantasy for geeks and researchers, virtual reality has finally been materialized into common practice. It has now gone out of its marginality to take a real, more fun turn and has gone mainstream since the presentation of the famous HMD Oculus Rift in 2013. A dazzling success so unexpected, it was noticed by web giants, starting with Facebook, which has offered the company Oculus VR. Sony is also working on its own HMD called Morpheus, giving credit to this technology, nurturing great ambitions.

Designed to immerse ourselves in the heart of a virtual world, many would be surprised to know that VR hasn’t waited for the arrival of headsets like Oculus Rift to motivate researchers and developers. Virtual reality technology began gaining prominence in the 90s, thanks to the growing power of computers and progress in display systems (LCD screens, digital video projection, etc.) The technology has also been used for many years in simulators and takes different forms depending on usage. Some devices, thus, consist of several screens that surround the user or based on spherical or cubical rooms in which the output is on the walls. Nevertheless, the most realistic systems are based on head-mounted displays (“HMD” in English, for “Head Mounted Display”) that use stereoscopy to reproduce a 3D view; it is precisely the principle of the Oculus Rift. Besides being cheaper, these devices can cut the user’s real environment in order to help them immerse themselves more effectively in a virtual world. Needless to say, these VR devices will revolutionize the way we entertain ourselves on a daily basis.

  • Next Level Video Gaming:

The prohibitive cost of VR devices has kept them limited to researchers for professional use, but that is no longer the case, thanks to the video game market, which has motivated many enthusiasts to develop new devices affordable by everyone. As when we speak of virtual reality today in the public sphere, it is indeed thanks to the video games. Indeed, although the Oculus VR designers also feed other ambitions, their HMD was first thought to the game. The Sony Morpheus project will also be dedicated exclusively to the PlayStation 4 gaming console.

But the point is, VR devices will give gamers a completely different gaming experience!

  • New Way to Socialize!

The arrival of Facebook on the virtual reality market has raised many questions about the use of HMDs. If the game should indeed remain at the heart of the experience, the social networking giant looks towards expanding the possibilities. Although nothing has yet been announced, it is already question of communicating with relatives as if you were with them, attend sporting events “as Stage” without leaving home and to participate in courses with other students! The possibilities are endless. The field of education is also at the heart of concerns, since it would improve the quality of distance education. Even psychiatrists see a chance to fight against phobias in a secure environment and adapted to patients. More generally, these are all simulation activities that could benefit from virtual reality.

One can also consider experiences limited to the elite and physically fit, like traveling in space (space tourism) or extreme sports. It would also be possible to send robots to hazardous places, and would be much easier to control. People with disabilities could also benefit from virtual reality to visit places that are normally inaccessible to them. More generally, it opens the way for cyber-tourism. The future holds so much!

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