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The Truth Behind Healthy Sleeping Habits [Infographic]

Sleep is the ultimate food for the human brain. When your brain is hungry for rest, you will realize that the degree of alertness is reducing and your concentration level is slowly going down. At that moment, don’t deprive your body of sleep for it can be very harmful to your brain.

A lot of scientific research has shown how sleep plays a crucial role in our cognitive, emotional, and even physical development. Having the right amount of sleep has the capability of making us more productive during the day. It will also give us a good mood and a better memory. This helps to maintain high concentration levels for a long time. Lack of enough amount of sleep will only give rise to irritability, moodiness, inattentiveness, and sleep related disorders such as dyssomnia and insomnia.

Good news is that a sleep disorder like insomnia can be treated through exercising healthy sleeping habits. Insomnia is a disorder identified by having difficulty to fall asleep and restlessness during the night. Maintaining good sleeping habits will help your body get enough sleep, hence reducing insomnia. This can only be achieved through incorporating mind-body therapies and techniques such as:

  • Doing exercises like yoga. Experts say this form of exercise help treat insomnia by reducing stress and pains that cause distraction sleep.
  • Replacing your mattress. An old bed can be the cause of pain, discomfort and therefore low quality sleep. If that is the case, it’s really recommended to look through some of the best rated mattress brands online and get a new one.
  • Avoid taking meals two hours before sleeping time, as it will make you uncomfortable during sleeping.
  • Staying away from alcohol and smoking before retiring to bed. Alcohol is a significant contributor to sleeping problems such as sleep apnoea and snoring.
  • Having a consistent sleeping routine. Try going to bed the same time each night as it will train your brain to respond when the sleeping hour has come.

It is also important to note that, the standard sleeping hours should take 7-8 hours. Sticking to that range will also help one get rid of mental diseases related to insomnia such as depression and memory loss.

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