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How to Sell Your Tablet: When, Where and What You Need To Know

Here is everything that you must know if you are going to sell your iPad or any other branded tablet!

An increasing number of tablet users are realizing the value of selling their old tablets. Similar to how there are used mobile phones many willing to purchase your previously owned smart phone, a lot of buyers are there to buy your old tablet. There are various reasons to sell your IPad or tablet including the monetary gain and the environmental factor etc. keep in mind these four reasons while considering the selling of a tablet that you no longer need to use. You can even sell your mobile which you don’t use anymore and are useless.

4 Reasons Why You Should Sell Your Old, Unwanted Tablet

  1. The most obvious reason for selling your tablet is the monetary gain. Buyers offer cash for tablets and other gadgets. Generally, you can fetch almost half price of the original purchase price or even more. The price typically depends on the make, model, and the condition of the tablet. For instance, if you have an iPad that is in full working condition, it will worth more than the other tablets.
  2. Another reason to sell your tablet is the environmental factor. While recycling is a better option than simply disposing of the old gadgets, selling them can be even better for the environment. It not only minimizes the amount of waste being tossed away, it also contributes to saving energy and the Green Environment.
  3. Upgrading the tablet to a new model is another reason to sell your old tablet. Every year manufacturers produce newer versions of their products. The Apple iPad is no exception. Every new model comes with improved and additional features. For most of the users, it is impossible to afford to purchase a new model every time. Hence, if they sell their old tablets and make some money, they can use this money in buying the latest model of their choice.
  4. The final reason for selling a tablet is the value effect. When a new model comes in the market, the prices of its preceding models will reduce. So, if you have an older version of iPad then you should consider selling it.

How Much Will You Get If You Sell Your Old Tablet?

So, you have decided to sell your old, unwanted tablet, the most obvious thing that you should do is to evaluate the worth of your gadget. Now the question is that how you can make estimations regarding the price of your tablet. The answer is simple; be realistic about what your tablet is worth. If you set a high price for it, you are going to have problems selling it. If you set a low price, it will be sold quickly but you would not happy with your earnings. So, be honest with yourself and don’t attempt to recover anything close to the amount you actually paid for it.

In the ever-evolving world of technology, prices fall very fast, so even if your tablet is not that old, chances are it has already depreciated significantly in value since you purchased it. Well, it is also a truth that you can recover up to 75% of the original purchased price of your tablet. So, you should do a little research to find out how much other gadgets with comparable specifications are going for and pick up a similar asking price for yours.

Don’t forget that generally, the resale price of a tablet depends on its make, model, and condition as well.

What Should You Do Before Selling Your Tablet?

Though selling old tablets is a smart way to make money, there are some things that you should do before selling your tablet. A little preparation before selling it will definitely make your tablet sale successful. So, don’t miss to do the following things:

  • Don’t leave your personal information on the hard drive of your tablet. Before you sell a tablet or any other gadget, it is important to clean up the gadget properly. You don’t want the new owner of your tablet to access your any personal or sensitive info such as business documentation, bank account details, social accounts information, or intimate photos and videos. So, be sure to back up your data on an external drive and then wipe clean it from your device.
  • The next thing that you should do is to ensure that the condition and performance of your device are quite good. A good-looking yet functional tablet can make the most money as compared to a device that has some defects and scratches etc. So, examine your gadget thoroughly and if you find any problem then take it to a professional repairing centre and fix it. Remember to check the condition of hardware components including screen display, optical drives, casing, memory, network device, battery, USB ports and so forth. Further, make sure to test its performance by downloading any free software.
  • Last but not the least, if you are seeking to make some impressive amount of cash for your tablet, you should gather all the accessories or components of your device. Collect all the accessories from the power adapter to discs, network cables, manuals, original boxes and other additional components. Ensure to remove the items that you don’t want to sell with your tablets, such as memory cards and other optical media.

What Is The Best Time To Sell Old Tablet?

Time is money and today is the best time to sell your old tablet. Because the longer you use your gadget, the less you will get for it at the time of sale. According to recent stat, people usually upgrade their smart phones and tablets every 12-18 months. The vital reason behind this practice is that manufacturers release newer versions every year and people want to own them to enjoy the latest yet astonishing features.

So, if you are bored with your recent tablet and thinking of upgrading it, NOW is the best time to sell your unwanted device. Let’s start looking for the best place for selling it at a great price!

Where Can You Sell Your Old Tablets?

One of the biggest challenges of selling an old tablet is to find out a right place that pays you a great price for your device. There are numerous ways you can sell your old tablet, from going into local shops to online services that enable you to sell your gadget without leaving the homes.

Though the best place to sell a tablet these days is on the internet, it is advised that you should shop around first and consider all the options that offer you a chance to get the best price for your tablet. All the options have some pros and cons, so you should take into consideration for them to choose the best one.

1. Gazelle

It is gaining popularity among people because of its advertisement on the TV and internet. The company lets you turn your old electronic gadgets including tablets into money. They offer free shipping and you will get free postage envelop to send your device off to them. Once they received, you will get paid the same day via PayPal, Cheque, Amazon gift cards and many other rewards.

2. Craigslist

Craigslist is one of the best popular places to sell your tablets or other gadgets if you don’t want to pay any fee. The selling process is quite traditional but simple. You just need to post an ad regarding your tablet on the site. Buyers reach out your advertisement and contact you to get more details. You can meet the potential buyers to get the most money for your tablet. Hence, be careful in the selection of a buyer because this place is full of scammers who take your device and then pay you nothing in return.

3. eBay Instant Sale

eBay is another big name on the list of auction websites if you want to sell your tablet. It works like old classified websites; that means you have to put an ad on the sale of your tablet. Try to give a detailed description of your product and quality pictures of it to grab the attention of buyers. You can also give an expected price for your tablet so that buyers make bids more than this. Well, it is a good platform, but it takes time to find out the right buyer. Further, it charges some fee for their services as well as it involves the risk of scams. So, be cautious if you are going to choose eBay for selling your old tablet.

4. Amazon Electronics Trade-In

If you want to consider trade-in websites for selling your old tablet, Amazon is top of the list. It is very popular for its trade-in programs and incentives like gift cards. You can choose it to sell your old tablet or other gadgets, however, keep in mind that it will not offer you a top price for it as well as you have to pay package cost yourself.

5. Recycling Websites

Mobile phone recycling is a craze that is rapidly growing in the UK. Nowadays, there are a large number of recycling websites out there that allow people to sell their tablets, mobile phones, and other gadgets for recycling. These recycling companies offer their services at free of cost while they may vary in terms of policies and prices they offer. To find out the top-paying recycling company for selling your old tablet, approaching one of the comparison websites is the wise option. Yes, Comparison websites save you time and efforts that you have to put when you browse each recycling website one by one by yourself.

By going for a comparison site, you can get a list of best deals offered by reputable recycling sites and find out the topmost one. These websites work like a search engine and make a quick and impartial comparison of prices from top recycling sites using an advanced comparison technique. So, you can make sure that you are getting the most money in exchange for your old tablet as well as participating in saving the Green environment.

Do you have a faulty or broken tablet? Don’t throw it away, just sell it too!

The good news is that if you have a faulty or even broken tablet that is useless for you, it also has some worth. Yes, you can also sell it to a recycling company and get some money in return. Comparison companies also enable you to find out the highest deal for your damaged tablet.

So, look for a top-rated comparison site and sell your tablet now at a fantastic price!

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