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E-Commerce Problems And Solutions Guide [Infographic]

E-commerce has been a boon to many businesses — helping them connect with customers all over the world and opening their businesses to possibilities that didn’t exist in the purely brick-and-mortar landscape. However, e-commerce technology isn’t a magic bullet. It requires the same level of commitment and coordination for a business to take full advantage of the technology to serve its customers well. That’s why, because today’s customers have extremely high expectations, simply having the technology for e-commerce in place isn’t enough.

Businesses that utilize e-commerce technology have to be aware of the most common problems their e-commerce sites may face and how they can overcome them. For example, poor web design can deter many customers from completing their purchases. Making sure e-commerce websites are as visually appealing as possible while offering smooth functionality will make it much more likely that those websites will be successful. For more information about the most common issues plaguing e-commerce websites as well as strategies businesses can use to overcome them, consult the following guide. The power of e-commerce technology can help businesses unlock unlimited potential, but only if they understand how to utilize it properly.

E-Commerce Problems and Solutions Guide by Jordan Crown.

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Joe Ardeeser is owner and operator of Jordan Crown, a web design agency in the Seattle area that provides premium marketing websites to small and midsized businesses. As a seasoned professional in the creative industry, Ardeeser has more than 15 years of experience. His greatest enjoyment comes from business building and business development — whether that’s improving the company’s sales process or figuring out how to bring in the highest level of talent.

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