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7 Ways to Multiply your Email List with Twitter

Believe it or not, email marketing is still considered one of the most effective online marketing strategies today. It’s easy to do, doesn’t require many resources. One of the biggest challenges for it, aside from getting noticed in your customer’s inbox, is trying to build a decent mailing list.

What’s great about modern-day marketing is that a lot of platforms can now work hand-in-hand to meet their goals. Twitter, for example, can be now be used to help you build your mailing list aside from all the other marketing techniques that you can do on the platform itself.

To help grow your email list with Twitter, here are 7 things that you should do:

Visuals for Everything

The mere addition of an image to your tweet can help increase its engagement exponentially. Studies have shown that tweets that have a visual aspect to it had an increase of 34% for its likeliness to be retweeted.

With this in mind, you can come up with a decent image regarding one your business’ products or services. In the text, subtly invite them to subscribe and offer them something like exclusive information, an e-book, or promotions that can only be earned by signing up.

Don’t forget that the image should be catchy or inspiring and that your text is not very straightforward in asking them to subscribe.

Link your Tweets to a Landing Page

You wouldn’t be asking your audience to leave their email on your tweets, right? You’ll need to direct them to a landing page where they can input their email for you to capture.

Link your tweets to a landing page that features the incentives you promised. You should then have a form where they can leave their email for you to capture. Make sure that you really do provide them with the incentive you promised because otherwise, you’ll appear as a scammer who tricked them into leaving their email addresses for nothing.

With a decent landing page, make sure that you include it in your tweets.

Maximize your Visibility using Twitter Cards

Twitter cards help you come up with extra special tweets that allow you to make use of multimedia objects, as well as linking your tweet to a web page. Given the first two tips above, the use of Twitter cards is a good idea for your mailing list goal.

Twitter card example from @TechCrunch

There are also many different kinds of Twitter cards that can be used for various purposes. But one of the best that you should use is the lead generation card that features a bigger tweet, the use of the image, and a call to action button that you cannot miss.

Twitter cards can help make your tweets more noticeable. And if you are gearing to make your mailing list goal a success, you should go for strategies that would really work to drive traffic to your landing page where you can then capture their email addresses.

Profile Optimization

For whatever marketing strategy you wish to implement on Twitter, it is essential that you start it off by optimizing your profile first. Having clear information about you and your business can help build trust on your profile, which will help if you’re asking something from your audience such as their email address.

One thing that you can do to optimize your profile is to work on your bio. You can then make use of this to link your audience to your site’s About Me page. You may also be able to ask them here to sign up for your newsletter as a way to know more about the business.

Pin Important Tweets

Pinned Tweet for OnePlus

Twitter allows you to retain one tweet on top of your feed by pinning it. By pinning a tweet, it will be the first thing that a visitor of your feed would see. This is a good strategy to use for your email list tweet so that you would not need to come up with a fresh tweet ever so often and just craft one decent tweet that you can retain for some time.

Since you will be tied to just one tweet, ensure that your tweet would be worth it. Craft a catchy tweet with an enticing incentive for them to really grab the attention of your audience, But don’t put one tweet out there for too long. Putting one tweet out there for more than a month may seem like your Twitter is inactive.

Twitter Tools: Giving Free Bonus

Paying for a Tweet or Cloud: flood is some tools that are used to engage your audience while spreading your tweets. By simply retweeting your tweet, your audience will get exclusive access to a certain content. This is a great way to widen the reach of your tweets, and this is especially great for your email capture tweet. The more it reaches, the more chances of you coming across with people who can be part of your mailing list.

Question Everything

Starting your tweets with a question invites curiosity. And if you are looking at making your tweets more effective in gaining the attention of your audience to help make you grow your mailing list, it is essential that you make use of strategies that really make people interested.

Questions also connect to a more personal level to your audience. If you do this, your audience will be more likely trusting, making them more likely to leave their email address for you to capture.

Make it a point that your question appeals to common needs of your audience and this should relate to something that you or your business can address.


Twitter really does provide a way to help you grow your mailing list in order to come up with a great marketing campaign (if you want to explore more on twitters use, here is a very handy twitter marketing guide for small businesses). If you know how to use Twitter to its full potential, you would be able to come up with a decent mailing list for you to use. Our 7 tips above can help you achieve just that so you’re now one step closer to taking your email marketing to the next level!

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