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How FileMaker Solutions Can Make Your Small Business More Efficient

Are you struggling to mobilize your small business?

There could be many reasons for this such as obstacles your team faces when trying to work collaboratively. Or your business information could be scattered among different users and different apps. Or you may not have consistent businesses processes to ensure your team members perform task consistently. Or you may be adapting your business processes to fit rigid technology. This is where FileMaker solutions come into play that help you overcome these obstacles to achieve your goals.

FileMaker is a rapid development software platform comprising FileMaker Server, FileMaker Advanced, FileMaker Go and FileMaker Pro. It offers a unique mix of cross-platform, cross-environment development that is fast, relatively inexpensive and very adaptable.

FileMaker platforms could be helpful for entrepreneurs like you to kick start your own mobile business app initiatives. These platforms help develop small business plan, create and deploy custom apps that will enable you to maximize customer satisfaction, drive growth and increase profitability.

Here is how FileMaker solutions can help your small business:

1. FileMaker creates tailored apps to increase your business productivity

The custom apps developed through FileMaker platform can shoot-up the productivity of your small business. How so? Well, after the launch of FileMaker14, the custom-app usage patterns of its customers were studied. The results were promising about the idea of rolling out apps that were created with a specific company in mind. It was found that 74% of businesses saw an increase in productivity. For example, the Service Business Starter App is a basic app that helps businesses start addressing the most common pain points. It supports both in-office and remote staff while they are meeting customers, creating estimates and processing invoices. Hence, by making custom app development easier, you can easily enable your team to operate more efficiently.

2. FileMaker platform is very flexible

From handling customer relationship management to deploy custom apps seamlessly to even streamlining operational processes, FileMaker platform is extremely flexible. It helps you boost the mobility of your workforce by combining powerful solutions with an easy-to-use interface. Being highly flexible, FileMaker offers plenty of features that enable you to share data across multiple platforms. These multiple features are:

  • FileMaker app-extensions help you utilize most of cloud-based sharing
  • FileMaker custom apps can be accessed using Touch ID support with a simple touch
  • An extremely useful FileMaker feature known as 3D touch can directly launch recent files on 3D touch-enabled devices.
  • Among several others, FileMaker applications work on iOS devices, which can be crucial in a BYOD environment.
  • FileMaker is both innovative and intuitive

3. It offers highly customized functional system

FileMaker is currently providing businesses with resources so that they can use its software to create custom applications. For example, with the help of FileMaker solution, you can entirely personalize your asset management software in order to always get best results. It has multiple customization options such as designing your app layout to suit your needs and developing platforms for managing and sharing files. You can achieve all of this even if you lack an in-depth knowledge of coding. FileMaker platform has been designed in such a way that allows small businesses to create incredible applications instantly. You can also access many ready-to-use templates if you are having trouble.

4. It offers increased security

FileMaker is also known for its extraordinary security features, especially when you effectively host your FileMaker database. One of the many security features allows you to use a secret edit box in order to hide any sensitive information that you don’t want to display on your screen. Another great security feature helps you access proactive security warning whenever you try to connect to a host with an invalid security certificate. In addition to that, the FileMaker server also supports differently SSL certification types, including Wildcard and Subject Alternative Name.

5. Fast data filtration

Getting started with FileMaker is easier even for beginners; so while dealing with CRM solutions, you will find that your whole organization becomes more productive when using this software. For that matter, you will get comfortable with various modes of FileMaker, including a mode specific to filtration, sorting, searching for data. For instance, the portal in line bar for progress allows you to continue using your app while other background processes are running. This helps you get data faster. Only thing you need to know what built-in tools are available to you.

6. Readily integrates with third-party applications

As per the latest trends in FileMaker database design, you can create interfaces that can easily integrate with third-party applications and programs. Even if you are using complex but necessary software in your business, then FileMaker provides you with the solution that will work seamlessly alongside your existing tools. Due to this easy integration, you team is able to exchange data with other programs like Oracle, Microsoft SQL, IBM DB2, etc. This helps you create a streamlined workflow.

7. It comes with built-in reports

FileMaker also allows you to get to the bottom of what’s happening in your business. As a simple example, if your team members want to find out how they are using their assets each day, they can access built-in reporting solution provided by FileMaker. It will allow them to create engaging and useful reports, along with visual graphs, charts and dashboards. Furthermore, these built-in reports can be served in a range of file formats, including PDF and Excel spreadsheets.


By analyzing the above various features of FileMaker platform, one can safely say that it is worth its weight in gold. FileMaker solutions are adding value to businesses by holding and processing all the information that they need and generate.

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