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Do You Know the Technology Used in Dry Herb Vaporizer?

Despite the onset of the corona virus, the vaping industry is still going strong and has even managed to weather the covid-19 crisis with little disruption. Developments in technology are constant with manufacturers racing to introduce new, more efficient products, and the demand for vaporizers and accessories is growing fast. Once the domain of e-liquids and CBD oils, the vape market is now adapting to embrace dry herb users, and with good reason.

Over the past few years cannabis has become legal for recreational use in 11 states of the USA. Many others have made it legal for medicinal use, and it has been decriminalized in many other states. This has led to many retailers becoming licenced to sell cannabis products, and more producers growing quality cannabis to keep the market supplied.

Vaping cannabis and other dry herbs is fast becoming the preferred method – especially with smoking now being far down the scale in terms of social acceptability – so the dry herb vaporizer is now a popular choice.

Why Dry Herb Vaporizer?

The dry herb vaporizer uses a slightly different approach to the standard dab pen or other vaporizer. It needs to, as different temperatures are necessary to enable the effective vaporization of the herb itself. The user needs to get the hit they would from smoking a joint, hence the technical make-up of a dry herb vaporizer. Let’s have a closer look at how a dry herb vaporizer works and why you need one to vape your weed.

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How it Works

The basic working principle of any vaporizer is that, it takes in a substance to be vaped, heats it with a coil that is powered by a small yet powerful battery, and has a mouthpiece through which the vapor is inhaled. That’s vape in a nutshell, and it applies in general to dry herb vaporizers too. However, whereas a standard vape pen will use a simple, perhaps single temperature coil to heat and atomize the substance – usually CBD or e-liquid – the dry herb vaporizer will probably include a more powerful battery and also a ceramic heating coil for greater effect.

Furthermore, dry herb vaporizers are also available as hand-held portable devices, as well as being available in desk-top form for more static use. They will likely come with adjustable heat options that allow you to find the optimum point at which to vaporize the herb. This is important as the taste and output will be adversely affected if the temperature is too low or too high, and every user has their own preference.

The latest dry herb vaporizers for weed also include an advanced development in the shape of a specially created diffuser, something not found on other vaping devices. This is designed to distribute the vapor evenly and smoothly for the best possible effect from the cannabis, and is an innovation that is spreading through the vape accessories market.

Further technology involved in the dry herb vaporizer includes high capacity batteries. This applies mainly to the desktop variety of vape device as the battery is larger and more capable. The advantage of such a battery is that it can provide power across a wider range and allows for greater and more controllable heat. By using medical-grade materials in these devices the manufacturers are recognizing the demand for quality, usable devices that have variable controls, and in doing so they are increasing the level of quality in terms of what the user gets out of vaping from these devices.

There is a lot to be said for the difference between using one of these specialist devices and attempting to vape dry herb in a standard vape pen, and it is not recommended you try to do the latter as it may damage the pen and also will not give you great results.

The Low-down on Dry Herb Vaping

Dry herb vaping has opened up the world to enjoying cannabis without the need to smoke, and where cannabis is legal in the USA, it is fast becoming one of the most favored of all methods of vaping. However, we recommend you check the law where you are as there are still notable penalties in states where cannabis is not yet legalized. However, with more states looking to change their laws on marijuana use, it may be that you will be next to benefit.

As far as vaping in general is concerned, this safer way of enjoying a ‘smoke’ is easily outstripping the traditional method and the rising use of vape pens among former smokers and newcomers who find it an enjoyable pursuit is good news for an already booming industry. Check out dry herb vaporizers now for more information on this great way of enjoying cannabis, and you’ll find plenty of choice in quality products should you decide this is the route you wish to take.

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