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Review of Tech Recipes

We all are very familiar with this statement ‘Technology is everywhere’ and each and everyone are agreeing with this statement. Because, there is no any doubt that one of the most important factors is technology to develop any country or state.  This is also very important thing that how much we know about technology.

And if you want to know more about technology, find solutions of tech issues and unknown tech features then obviously you will have to take help of a technology expert. From where you will be able to know the precise and detail information about all the technology materials.

At Tech Recipes, we explain and teach each and every aspect of technology. We are an online tech publisher, dedicated to explaining the “hows” and the “whys” of today’s technology and news. With a reach of over 15 million readers worldwide, we are committed to putting technology into context for everyone, from regular people to geeky technophiles.

We facilitate our readers to make better purchase decisions and once they’ve purchased a gadget, we teach them how to use it like a pro. We do this by writing in-depth guides, how-to, lists, explainers and tips on all kinds of consumer tech topics.

Why Tech Recipes Blogs

Most Recent Updates

Various inventions in the field of technology is going on always, it means the latest updates and reviews of any new product should be roll out for the people essentially. But it will be very difficult task for the people to know about it without Tech Recipes. It is the easiest and accurate media from where people know about any new tech creation, tech reviews, and new features and can find the solutions of every tech concern. It’s a superior source of information for all tech tutorials online.

The expert bloggers who write about technology, they have countless topic and options for write on their blogs. They share the latest information of gadgets (android, iphone and ipad), windows news, internet, facebook tips, Google tips, computer tricks and many more information about database and programming also. Everyday several new updates or upgrades of any app service comes out and information about that service you will get on Tech Recipes first.

Spread knowledge widely

Authors transmit new ideas more quickly, teaching more people, impacting and helping more lives. The blogs provided by the tech-recipes editors and legendary recipe authors is a place to express their knowledge.

Engage a worldwide audience

This platform allows worldwide people to create a global conversation, resulting in richer reading experiences, from students, learners to entrepreneurships topic including basic computer knowledge to professional programming updates and techniques.


Now no need to attending the tech classes for hours, sitting in a painful chair, and suffering from back pain by the end of the day. You will not be bound to physical class session when you opt for tech help. All needed tech solutions are provided free here online, so you’ll easily access them from the comfort of your home with the help of your laptop or mobile. It will also help you save your worthy time and hard earned money…the list of conveniences goes on and on.

Instant access to knowledge

It gives students instant access to answers beyond what’s in their textbooks. In fact, today’s kids are already familiar with “Googling-it” to find answers to questions. The gift of our website gives us the chance to give you all a holistic view of the entire digital subjects while still giving the guidance to find the right sources. It is like an opportunity to tell you how to assess the quality of the information while removing the one-sided restrictions of a textbook.

It is the place that will bring to you all the latest and hottest technology news, gadget reviews, unveilings, digital rumors around the world in a fair and unbiased way.

There’ll be a lot more on offer!

Easy to read and simple to understand free step by step tech tutorials. Insightful, precise features that bring forth tech toys’ hidden attributes and help you make the most of them. Fair advice on which gadgets are worth your money and time.

New Feature Information

Our blogs will consistently push out innovative features to enhance your tech knowledge and using experience. And hopefully we points out those features and shows you how to use them. Research shows that nearly two-thirds of technology features go unused, and this is most likely due to lack of awareness or lack of training.

So it is the time when you’ll use the technology most and in proper way.


David Kirk (aka Davak) has been a long time net junkie. He first received recognition in the late 90s for the now buried Moan and Groan Page. Computer life, internet world, technology and information week all highlighted the pro-consumer site that would influence future power sites like After taking some time off to develop his medical career, Davak is back developing web projects in full force. He welcomes meeting people through his Facebook profile and twitter.

Quinn McHenry is a biomedical engineer and dabbled in neuroscience. For any kind of more detail or information you can also follow him through Twitter and Facebook.

QD Ideas, LLC

With the success of Tech Recipes and the different backgrounds of the two, Kirk and McHenry formed QD Ideas as a way to fund future projects. Biomedical, computer hardware, and several web services projects are in development currently by the team.

We always make sure that our details are straight, our sources are dependable and reputable. Everything we produce is made with consideration and knowledge. We only ever share information with you the things which are informative and useful. Everything we offer you is done with authenticity — we couldn’t do it any other way.

Our Mission

Mission of Tech Recipes is to organize the information of every single element of the technology in such a way that each article would clearly present the development of that particular element being described depicting its past, present and its future. We titled this as Tech Recipes. From smart phones to tablets, Android and iOS operating systems are driving the transformation of the digital market. We bring valuable news and productivity tips to Android and iOS users, allowing them to make the most of their devices, take advantage of hidden features, and download undiscovered app gems. The site filters through the latest app news to bring users the most important developments, and uses the power of the tech community to provide expert tips, tricks, and how-to’s to increase personal productivity.

It would greatly help students getting prepared for their studies and also people of all ages to learn vital tricks and know the interesting features of technology easily. We also present you never ever heard amazing facts and also very motivating technical news from all the trending fields.

We take great care to make sure that every single bit of information present in our site will finally serve you and help you in gaining great knowledge in an easy way. We see through that everything we post is helpful, educational and instructive.

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