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Get The Best Free Web Hosting Services Available!

When you are looking for a free website host, it is not easy as even though there are many services available, only a few of the service provider provides the users with decent features. Many times it is not possible for budding companies to invest a lot in building the website and purchasing a domain. In situations like this free webhosting services are necessary to make a website for these companies because in this era internet presence is mandatory to increase brand value and publicity. So in such situations, 000webhost is undoubtedly the most reliable and the best web hosting providers offering numerous features to its users.


000webhost when compared with hostinger produced results which indicated that 000webhost is far superior to it.

  • Bandwidth – 000Webhost provides all of its users with a bandwidth of 100 GB while other providers like hostinger gave its users far lesser space.
  • Disk gives its users with a free disk space of 1.5 GB which is a lot to upload all the media items. Other websites like free hosting gave only 200mb of space which is very little.
  • Supports PHP MySQL – for a free hosting service they are the only ones to support MySQL and PHP which includes no restrictions and users can backup even weekly. This is a major advantage of 000webhost.
  • Five email accounts – the free hosting services provided by them includes five email accounts so you can link the accounts to your free website, whereas websites like hostinger do not give users the provision to make any emailed with the free package.
  • cPanel – the Cpanel lets the users edit the contents easily unlike other services which provide users with Elefante which is not as good as Cpanel. For people knowing a bit of PHP and javascript, it becomes really easy to make modifications to your website.

So, you see that while making the comparison of 000Webhost with services like hostinger and 5gbfree, is better than all of the free hosting service providers in the market and is loved by people all over the world.

List Of The Topmost Free Web Hosting Services

According to sites like host advice and TechRadar the top 3 free web hosting services currently in 2018 can be listed below as –

  1. 000Webhost – one of the leading players in this field, 000Webhost located in United States makes sure that the best of the best services reach their customers. Serving us since 2007 their free services include 1.5 GB of free space, a bandwidth of 100 GB per month which is a lot compared to the other similar sites, 5 supporting email ids. Another huge advantage is them supporting PHP & MySQL so you can code easily for the free website if you want. With regular backups provided so that you do not lose any data, this is the best you can get for free.
  2. 5gbfree – they only provide users with the 5gb worth of space so if you want to design a website with a lot of media in it, it becomes really hard. Their package also doesn’t include email ids, so it becomes quite a disappointing experience after you have used 000Webhost once. You can upgrade your account by paying some money, but then again you want free web host here, don’t you?
  3. Zymic – they claim to have the most reliable features of the market, but the monthly bandwidth of 50 GB is less compared to what we already got before. Even though you can easily create a new account for free, it is not going to impress you much if you are looking for completely modern and high-end services, though it is suitable for really small websites.

So according to the reviews of various websites and users, there is no better free web host rather than 000Webhost.

Review Of 000Webhost

Even though it might seem like fraud to you because the features they provide for free are unbelievable but they are quite real and highly active. They have a reliable performance with an uptime guarantee of 99%.


  • It is completely free of cost – there are no traps or hidden fees included in 000Webhost. They do not scam the money out of you as well, once you start using them you will not feel like upgrading it and purchasing domains which are premium.
  • PHP & MySQL support – you get the latest version of both MySQL and PHP, and some of the numerous other things supported by 000Webhost are curl, send email, Zend, XML, loncube loader, etc. so the code in any platform that you want and upload.
  • Control panel is cPanel – this control panel has an array of features for its users and is the most advanced and popular one in the market currently. Even for people who have no idea regarding website creation, this becomes easy. There are also predefined templates which you can simply choose for designing your site.
  • Disk space of 1.5 GB – 000Webhost makes sure to provide its users with disk space of 1.5 GB which is much to upload and store anything you want for your website. Considering everything is for free it is a really attractive deal.
  • An uptime guarantee of 99.9% – for free services there is 99% uptime guarantee and for the paid services it’s 99.9%. The best part is that they have the proof for this.

Pros And Cons

If you want to handle a small site, this is the best option free of cost undoubtedly. But if your site is likely to attract a lot of traffic and has huge content then the site can sometimes lack. Though this is minor compared to the great services, they provide this is the only disadvantage.

All in all, 000Webhost holds the number 1 position of the free web hosting service providers, and it owns to its great features and services. So associate with 000Webhost and give a boost to your business.

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