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Our Guide To Reducing Bounce Rate Through Optimising Customer Experience

Optimising the online presence of your business can be challenging and making optimising user experience can be even harder. However, it doesn’t have to be. In this article, we are providing you with the information that you need to begin reducing bounce rate and optimising customer experience in the long term.

Improve Site Speed Quickly

Site speed is crucial when looking to reduce bounce rate as this is the cause of over 53% of people clicking off of a webpage. If the webpage takes over three seconds to load you are much more likely to experience people clicking off of your site before it has even loaded. This is a large amount of traffic that you could be losing and is, therefore, something to fix quickly in order to capture this traffic and nurture it into conversions. Whether you enlist the help of a website development company to help you achieve this, or you decide to complete the work in house, this can all aid you in bettering your websites loading time.

Use Videos To Capture The Audiences Attention

If your site home page needs a revamp, it may be beneficial to incorporate the use of videos where possible. This will help to make the site more engaging for audiences when compared to a large block of text and will increase session time and reduce bounce rate. Though it is great to have videos to capture the audience attention, it is important to keep this to a minimum as this can lead to the site loading time being affected. The more videos that there are embedded within the website, the longer it will take to load.

Make Content Uploads Consistent

Content is king when conducting any form of SEO, but it is also crucial when it comes to optimising customer experience and reducing bounce rate. By uploading regularly with small chunks of content, you are capturing the attention of your audience and playing into Googles Algorithm which can help to boost ranking position in the long term. All the content that is being created should be informational, interesting and bite-sized to ensure that you keep your audience treading and make it more enjoyable over time.

Make Your Site Easy To Navigate

Making sure that your site is easy to navigate is the perfect way of reducing bounce rate as your potential customers can find the content that they need easily. Whether this is allowing them access to the site map or using clear to navigate drop-down menus, this can help to make your site easy to navigate and therefore more appealing to audiences. Though it can take time to fully redesign the site so that it works well for your customers, constantly monitoring its progress and where people are clicking away will help you to optimise specific pages and get the best possible results.

With this in mind, there are a number of ways that can reduce the bounce rate and improve customer experience with ease. Whether this is through incorporating videos, writing small chunks of content or making the site easier to navigate, this can all help to reduce bounce rate over time. Which will you choose?

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