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The Importance of Investing in Graphic Designing and The Trends to Look Out for in 2018

As a business leader, you are probably aware of the need for a good website and expertly crafted promotional materials. Utilizing professionally designed graphics can be instrumental in getting one step closer to gaining more customers. If you still depend on less than impressive designs to gain attention for your brand, you might want to reconsider your approach.

Here are some of the points that emphasize how vital well-designed graphics are for defining your brand’s image:

  1. Brand’s recognition: What is the first thing that you notice when you come across a billboard or a newspaper ad? What catches your eyes when you are handed a flyer on the road? It is probably the logo. With a smartly designed logo, you can instantly grab the attention of your target audience. It creates an instant connection between your brand and your target market. Consistent designs across all channels like your website, social media profiles, promotional materials and your store can help to create a seamless user experience that will boost your brand recognition significantly.
  2. Professionalism: You do not want to come across as an amateur to your employees and your customers. A well thought out, and neatly executed graphic design can make a great first impression. A design that does not look professional can cast an unfavorable light on your business which is obviously undesirable.
  3. Communication: Graphic design’s importance is not limited to just your website or your logo. It is vital for creating various types of visual aids that can be used for communicating your ideas to your audience. Images do work better than words. An informative picture can convey a message easily and quickly to your customers, both existing and potential. To avoid delays in communicating your messages, and to create a solid brand impression, you must make your designs much stronger.
  4. Efficiency and productivity: Underwhelming designs affect workplace productivity adversely. Subpar designs are not just demotivating, but they also set wrong expectations about the acceptable standard of work at your organization. In terms of capturing leads on your website, the design must be focused on well. Your site needs to be easily navigable, with relevant information being easily readable. Prominent fonts, beautiful backgrounds, and appropriate colors are essential when you are informing visitors about offers, discounts, and workshops. That better design, and of course, informative content can help to achieve better conversions is a well-established fact.
  5. Money: Whether the designs that you are using on your marketing materials are good or not, you have to pay for them. However, you must also consider that unimpressive designs can prove to be very expensive for your business in the long run as it can lead to lost leads, unimpressed prospects, and demotivated employees.

Upon considering the above factors, you probably understand why you should hire a professional graphic designer for building your brand’s image.

If you are planning to hire one, you must also take a look at the design trends that will likely dominate 2018. Here are just a few of them:

  • Use loud, popping bright colors to stand out from the crowd of vibrant social feeds. Do note that this does not mean that you should choose a fluorescent orange hue for your text and a bright red background. Understand the difference between eye-catching and hurtful to the eyes.
  • Color transitions have caught the audience’s interest, and its popularity will continue throughout the next year. Using popping colors that transition in a seamless way may be just what you need to grab your target audience’s interest.
  • Use of authentic pictures and customized graphics are going to big in the coming year. Stock photos are not exactly going to be obsolete, but the real images of your organization, employees, work process and products are inevitably going to garner more attention.
  • Low poly designs that give a 3D feel will also dominate the graphic design arena of 2018. These designs can be made by combining bright colors, hand-drawn shapes, and duotones.

There are a lot more graphic design trends that will become more prominent in 2018. What is truly important is that while following these trends, you need to make your uniqueness shine through in the design.

Your brand is your business, and you need to set it apart from the crowd to stay ahead of your competitors. Graphic design can provide you with that edge. Whether you are getting your graphics done by a service provider like or you are designing them yourself, focus on your enhancing your brand’s ability to stand out to buyers, stakeholders and decision makers.


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Maria Jones is a graphic designer with experience in designing print ads and websites for reputed brands. She emphasizes the use of well thought out and neat designs for a strong brand image. She has also written many articles explaining different types of graphic designs and how each graphic can a be used for a different kind of promotion. Her articles can be read on

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