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Looking for your Soulmate? Your Genes Can Help!

For some people, hooking up with someone just to have a fun night or to become their better-half is not easy. Luckily for them (and all of us, really), technology has been a helping hand in recent years, with the appearance of many dating apps that were developed to help people find someone for them to have a relationship with.

Most of them work in a way that some could label as “superficial”, given that they give users all the power who, on their turn, base their choices on what the other person looks like, and a quick analysis of the profile they present. After that comes a meeting in person, where the magic happens – or it does not.

But now there is a new option that really goes to the tiniest detail, and I mean that literally. DNA Romance is a dating service that specializes on DNA matchmaking, studying the users’ genetic information and, along with other factors, establishing the highest possible compatibilities, which clearly increase the odds of a relationship being successful.

According to Dr. Timothy Sexton, a co-founder of DNA Romance, “chemical attraction is the natural radar for dating compatibility, but existing dating platforms fail to measure this major component in human attraction”. In order to study that chemistry, DNA Romance uses the genetic information of its users, which can be fetched from DNA testing services that they have used or, if they did not, from new tests.

Even though it plays an important role in the compatibility equation, genetic information is not all DNA Romance uses to make these matches. Users also take a Myers-Briggs personality test and, by crossing this information with what comes from DNA, this platform can come up with more precise results, leading to additional compatibility – on DNA Romance, users are only linked to people they have a compatibility of 70% or more.

Earlier this year, DNA Romance made it to the Canadian version of the popular show Dragon’s Den, failing to collect their desired investment from the Dragons, despite the interest they raised. So far, history is showing that to be a wrong move by the investors, as DNA Romance is proving to be a leading platform in the DNA matchmaking field.

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