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5 Ways Technology Can Boost your Productivity

Early humans invented simple tools to help them carry out the tasks they needed to undertake in order to ensure their survival. The same can be said today, with gadgets and appliances serving as our artificial assistants in our day-to-day affairs. Here are five ways they do so.

Efficient data processing

We have become a species obsessed with creating, spreading, storing, and recreating information. This obsession has led us to grow at an exponential rate, and now that the times have become more fast-paced than ever before, our hands have been forced to figure out solutions to process data quicker and more efficiently.

Ubiquitous now in the age of digital computing are hardware and software that enable us to save time and effort in processing data. Word processors have done away with the typewriter. Calculators have overtaken manual pen-on-paper computations. The dark room has now been replaced with Lightroom. Everything that once had to be done manually can now be done by keystroke or click, just like purchasing office equipment from JJBender.com.

Faster, more secure information dissemination

Early telephonic systems, such as Alexander Graham Bell’s telephone, revolutionized the way people got in touch with one another. No longer were horse-riding couriers and pigeons the norm in long-distance communications. Data transmission cables have now stitched the world together, and everything began progressing faster and faster every year since then.

Now with the Internet, getting your message across to someone thousands of miles away has never been faster and more secure. You don’t need to worry about ink on paper letters getting smudged or losing crucial bits of information to short-term memory loss. The only thing standing in the way of getting your message across is the run-of-the-mill hacker who has nothing better to do in his/her spare time.

More available avenues for recreation

You name it; the Internet has it. Online poker, online pool, online trading card games, online music services, online photo-sharing applications, online movie archives, online books, everything. If you need to take a break from the grind, just head on over to your favorite blackjack server and play with people from across the globe.

You don’t even need to be connected to the Internet to entertain yourself. Download movies and games, and access these files and programs even when you’re offline. In the technological age, you’ll never run out of anything to do. You’ll be kept real busy that the saying, “Time flies when you’re having fun,” becomes an understatement.

Clearer output

We are now living in a time when penmanship has become more of a hobby than a way of training your hands to write clearly and legibly. Instead of worrying about proper hand strokes and pen pressure on paper, what we’ve started worrying about in this age are how fast we can type, how few errors we can make when typing, and how clear our language and syntax is.

Electronic printers have taken over the world by storm. Documents can now be read more clearly, books can now be published more to a wider audience, and news can now reach far-flung areas never reached before. If you want to score your own printer, whether for home, school, or work, but are constrained by a limited budget, you can check out this listing of used printing equipment.

Mobility and portability

You can now take your work with you wherever you go. If you need to send an urgent e-mail while you’re on the train to work, you can whip out your mobile phone and send it using an e-mail service app. If your client asks you at the last minute to meet with her regarding the website design she asked you to do, you can save your work and any other updates on your laptop or tablet and take it with you without having to lug around your personal computer.

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