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13 Gadgets That Can Help You Save Energy

Consumers continue to find ways to save money while helping the environment. Thus, when they buy a product, they opt for an energy-saving item. Because of this trend, manufacturers offer more energy-saving products than ever before. Unfortunately, not all of them are worth the investment. In fact, some of them are a waste of money. To help you out, we’ve highlighted the gadgets available today that are worth the price in helping you save energy and the environment.

1. Thermal leak detector

When heat and air conditioning leak out of the house, energy bill will increase. To know where the leaks are, use thermal leak detector.

It should read the ambient temperature first before you can check windows, frames and other areas of the house where air could escape. Its light changes to red when it detects warmer spots, and it turns blue for cooler spots.

2. Smart thermostats

One example is the Nest Thermostat, the third generation. It’s a smart device that knows when no is around the house.

It comes with built-in sensors. When a family member forgets to lower the temperature upon leaving the house, the device reduces the temperature automatically.

It monitors your habits so that it can adjust the temperature according to your needs. It also tells you whether or not you’re saving energy.

A small change in a thermostat setting can significantly affect monthly energy bill. If you live in an apartment, your landlord may credit the cost of purchasing it on your next rent payment.

3. LED lights

LED bulbs are energy-efficient, but they also offer the brightest light for the small amount of investment. Consumers fear the mercury level in fluorescent bulbs.

Some of them aren’t satisfied with the halogen’s quality of light. LED, on the other hand, offers consistent light without causing an increase in an energy bill. It’s also safer to use than halogen or fluorescent bulbs.

4. Smart power strips

One way to reduce energy bill is to unplug appliances around the house each night. But sometimes, we tend to forget it.

So, consider investing in a smart power strip. It cuts power from those things plugged into it. You can use it for plugs that are hard to reach, like in the back of your kitchen under, under your computer or behind the TV.

This kind of gadget varies in price. But each can help in saving money on power bill.

5. Smart blinds

When completely closed or lowered, blinds could reduce heat gain. With smart blinds, you don’t need to close or lower the blinds manually.

Automate the savings by integrating window treatment smart with smart blinds automation kit. Once installed, it’s easy to program the blinds to open, tilt or close whenever necessary.

It also comes with a sun-tracking feature that makes sure your preferences will change when the day grows longer or shorter.

6. Charging stations

Phantom power is one of the most common causes of energy waste in the house. It’s usually the result of plugged electronics but not turned on.

They suck eight percent of your home power. Charging stations can help as they can turn off and stop power leaks when a gadget is fully charged. Some charging stations shut off after a certain time.

7. Conserve energy monitor

Do you know which electronic items in your house that use the most energy? It could be the network printer or TV.

To know which one of them, plug the suspects into a conserve energy-use monitor. Once plugged, it can start tracking and displaying the annual cost of the device.

It also shows the device’s CO2 emissions and power consumption. The information you can get will help decide whether to continue using it or purchase an alternative that doesn’t eat a lot of power.

8. Energy management system

It lets you control your house through a remote control. Some people, as reported on Naij, admitted that they tend to forget turning off their lights before they leave. With the use of this system, there’s no need to worry about leaving your lights or coffee maker on.

You can decide the temperature of your house when you come home. Through the energy management system, you can control the lights, heating and cooling system, stereo, appliances, and security system from your remote control or with a smartphone.

9. Smart outlet

In addition to energy management system, you may also opt for a smart outlet. This kind of outlet ensures that your coffee maker or space heater is turned off when you’re not around.

Plug your devices in a smart outlet and it’ll check in on the device and turn it off or on automatically. You can set a schedule and monitor the energy usage of the device.

Some smart outlets available can work with Amazon Alexa that lets you turn things off using a smartphone.

10. Sensing light switch

You or your partner may always forget to turn off the light when leaving the house. To avoid it from happening, make sure to install a motion-sensing light switch.

It’s a device that shuts the light off automatically when the room is empty. What’s great about it is that you can set the sensitivity and the time it can operate manually. The light goes back on at the last level you’ve set it.

11. Smart window air conditioner

It’s true that a smart thermostat can help reduce energy bill. However, it can’t help if you have a window air conditioner.

Having a smart air conditioner allows you to create a customized schedule. You can also control it remotely using its app for iOS or Android.

This device can cool a room of up to 450 square feet. It automatically restarts after the power is restored. What’s great about it is that it’s equipped with air ionizer that removes allergens from the air. It also comes with an antibacterial filter that you can detach for cleaning.

12. Energy storage

Mercedes Benz offers a way to store electricity from renewable energies. With its energy storage device, it reduces your independence in power supply. It offers a more efficient energy consumption rate.

13. Tesla Powerwall 2

It can provide power to a two-bedroom house for a full day. It’s stackable, and it comes with a built-in inverter.

You can install it indoor or outdoor. You can use it for your house or small business as it stores sun’s energy to deliver reliable electricity at night or when the weather is gloomy.

Consider these energy-saving gadgets that aren’t only eco-friendly but are also useful in reducing your energy bills.

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