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How Fit Brains Trainer Will Not Let Your Brains Become Blunt

While most of us are doing all their best to keep out bodies in shape, few people think about keeping their brains fit. Some have turned in writing while others have tried all type of brain improvement tools to improve the brain performance. Studies show that your intellectual abilities may start deteriorating after you’ve hit 25. Of course, it’s not very late to start doing some physical exercising, but there are some other ways to slow down the process and even reverse your mental difficulties. That’s where an excellent mental tool such as the Fit Brains Trainer can help.

Initially, Fit Brains Trainer was a learning website, and it has transformed quickly into an educational app for iPhone and iPad. It aims to boost your health by improving memory and recognition, giving a faster reaction speed, increasing your attention, helping with problem-solving, and much more. These learning exercises are disguised as games.

There are about ten games in the Fit Brains Trainer. They include Missing Pieces, Matching Pairs, Paint Drops, Perfect Patterns, Coin Calc, Spot the Difference, Speed Sort, Quick Blocks, Stacked Discs, and Shadow Shapes. Every game come with three difficulty levels: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. When you perform well in one game, you unlock the next challenge and the cycle continues.

How the games sharpen your brain?

The folks at Fit Brains describe the games as an adaptive learning system that measures the user’s performances across the five main brain areas. For instance, the exercises involve finding out which of the two plain buckets receives the most paint droplets. The app helps you to track your performance within a certain time do determine if there is an improvement and also compare yourself to others people within the same age and gender.

Every session of the Fit Brains Trainer runs for about one minute, which is not much time but it’s fun. Once you’re through with the usual round, you will see the average time that is taken for each response, the accuracy levels of your responses, and whether you’ve beaten your history. You’re asked to perform a certain task. For instance, one game provides a number of the different object on a board. When the game begins, these objects change, and you’re tasked with tapping each of the objects that have changed. After a minute, you’re given a score for the entire game including points, the number of reaction time, accuracy levels, and the total number of correct answers. It also provides a percentage ranking so that you can see how you performed in comparison to the rest of the competitors. The games start at an easy note but as you progress, they become much complicated.

For those who want to be better in these games, they must train every day, to achieve the best results. The interesting part is that instead of being allocated a puzzle game, the user gets to choose what they want to play at any difficulty level they desire. It’s possible to try the free trial version of this app, but if you want to explore more options in this system, you can purchase an upgraded version to unlock the new experience.

You will have thrilling experiences playing Missing Pieces game, where you identify the missing piece after dropping some object through a funnel. Remember the game is reward based on speed and accuracy, so make sure you are fast and accurate as time goes by.

The sessions in the Fit Brains Trainer can also be achieved in about five minutes. This makes it a perfect way to increase your brain power within the shortest time possible. New games are introduced after a while to ensure you remain entertained and come back for more.

What do people need to know about Fit Brains Trainer?

Everyone needs to know that Fit Brains Trainer is a reliable tool that is suited for daily brain training exercises to improve cognition, working memory, IQ, emotional intelligence, and much more. Although it targets the older people, the app is also appropriate for elementary school kids since the puzzles involve numbers, shapes, letters and some few words in different languages. Although the big gains outlined by the developer may not happen in a flash for most kids and adults, these puzzle games are quite addictive since they are harmless, so they’re good for kids who want to pass time. The app offers a lot more information on how to improve memory, so you might want to check it out first.


Being a set of addictive puzzle games, the Fit Brains Trainer provide a lot of fun and engages the brain well. If you’re hoping that this app will help kids with homework or fix emotional issues, you’re likely to be disappointed. But if you are searching for something cool with no flashy animations but a thrilling gameplay to pass time, it is a perfect choice. The puzzles in this app are similar to those in the common IQ tests. So playing these games might improve your overall scores in those exams, and they are a good way to help kids get quicker within a limited time, so it’s possible that it has some benefits.


Fit Brains Trainer comes with over 360 training sessions, a collection of fun brain games, and visual tools that are designed to improve your brain performance. You can use this app for just a few minutes daily to sharpen your brain and entertain yourself.

Some of the notable benefits associated with Fit Brains Trainer include;

  • Enhanced memory
  • Increased concentration
  • Good problem-solving skills
  • Quicker thinking
  • Positive moods

With these benefits, you can be assured that Fit Brains Trainer will never let your brain become blunt.

As you can see, the wide array of games provided by the developers of Fit Brains Trainer is enough to improve your brain performance. If you manage to gain access to these sophisticated puzzles and just enjoy the games, you will be glad to have found an effective brain training app. Fit Brains Trainer is compatible with both iPhone and iPad, so it’s easier to switch between devices when desired.

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