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5 Ways IoT Makes Better Range Hoods [Infographic]

The Internet of Things has made life so much better, hasn’t it? Thanks to the digital revolution, we have smart thermostats that can be programmed from our smart phones wherever we happen to be. We can stock the fridge full of food and ask the computer embedded in the door to suggest recipes or to alert us when a certain ingredient is running low. That smart technology can now be found in range hoods, too.

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The range hood is one of the most important tools in the kitchen. Its sole purpose is to keep the air in our homes as clean and healthy as possible. The range hood opens its stainless steel vents to draw up all the grease, odors, smoke, steam, and fumes that are produced every single time we use the stove and exhausts it all to the outdoors where it can dissipate. With the introduction of digital technology, a range hood can do even more. Here are 5 ways the Internet of Things makes better range hoods.

The future of kitchen efficiency is bright. Yes, there might be some hiccups in the technology along the way. But, we can still say with a fair degree of certainty that the way we cook and clean in our homes in years to come will change for the better as digital technology better connects our appliances to our lifestyles.

What digital technology would you love to see in your own kitchen?


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