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5 Features of a Good Corporate Website

Nowadays, all businesses are facing severe competition. Anyone with an idea and some funding is trying to create a new multi-million dollar startup. This has resulted in businesses focusing more of their attention to advertising and promotion.

Since most of the product browsing is done online, the key part of any solvent advertising strategy is designing a business website. It should be considered as the storefront window of a business and it should reflect company’s success both in terms of content.

1.Being informational

It’s perfectly justified for a website to be ostentatious and to demonstrate certain web design skills. However, this isn’t its primary purpose. The website should be used to provide information about the company and products or services. Make sure these are easy to find. Also, don’t keep your contact information hidden. Not everyone is proficient in using the internet, so you should display a phone number and office hours on your website.

2.Easy to use

Regardless of how reknown your business is, if your visitors can’t work out how to use your site in a matter of seconds, they will quit. Experts at MKE Software say that the key component for achieving this is by monitoring how responsive the site is. If it takes too long for a site to load or for a pop-up box to appear, no one will be bothered with it. It’s also of great importance for the site to be logically structured so even the first time user could have a clear idea where to look for what they need. A search bar is also necessary and it should be visible to everyone.


There’s a reason why frequently asked questions are called that way. There will be a few questions whose answers will have to be repeated time and time again to different customers. Research has shown that these are mostly related to shipping, charging or what to do if something goes wrong with the product. To save time, you should have a FAQ page with all this information just a click away. The answers should be clear, concise and to the point. Try to think of the questions before they are asked, but also update the page every now and then when you notice a new question popping up in your emails.

4.Mobile friendly

Most users have two or more mobile devices. Mobles are gradually replacing computers because not only are they more convenient but offer the same or even better performance as well. You should anticipate this change and make your website mobile friendly with the same efficiency and look as on the computer. Apps are the best way to achieve this because almost no one uses browsers on their phones or tablets. Apps also provide you with a lot of information about the users which could be utilized for advertising purposes.

5. What to avoid

More often than not, the success of any business comes down to what not to do rather than what to do. There are a few features designers like to add, that can be so annoying that they undo all the good aspects of your design. Make sure to tell the designers what features you don’t want. One of the features to avoid at all costs is the background music.

Having a well-crafted website is essential for any small business. It should be used to represent your business and create a dynamic communication with your customers.

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