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What If The Premier League Was Americanised? [Infographic]

There’s a vast difference between the UK’s Premier League and American football in terms of the way the game is played, what the players wear and the style of branding they’re given, but have you ever wondered how the Premier League teams would look like if they were given an American makeover?

Here at Clubline Football we did, so we’ve taken all of the Premier League teams and Americanised them! Some have given new colours for their football strips, some we have renamed to relate to their mascot or crest, while others have been given a full makeover to create a completely new-looking team. You’ll notice quite a difference in some of them and it’s up to you to see if you can still recognise them!

Below you’ll find two pieces. The first is an embedded infographic depicting each Americanised football team in alphabetical order. Some of the team emblems and names may give the game away slightly so we’ve added a second piece in quiz format that you can embed yourself, so that you can challenge your mates to see if they can guess the teams with the biggest changes.

Read on and take a look at our version of Americanised football teams, and then have a go at our quiz and see if you can guess all the teams that have been branded up to look like the American NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL or MLS! It’s a bit of light hearted fun that may just become reality in the future if the Premier League decide to give their teams a fresher, more modern, and Americanised look, or maybe you think the history of the original branding should remain untouched to preserve the iconic crests and emblems that have taken the teams into the modern Premier League.

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