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Delight Your Customers With a High-end Mobile Application

In accordance with the estimates, now mobile users are spending nearly 86% of their time on using apps. And this growth is reflected in their brand engagement as well, with nearly 68% of mobile users involving with brands through applications instead of mobile sites.

Thus, it is important for organisations to start to communicate with the clients through their medium of choice – mobile apps – for building long-lasting relationships with them, expanding retention, and promoting advocacy.

Client apps are highly efficient ways to give value to the clients at every stage of their life cycle. The advantages of client apps are such that organisations not taking benefit of them will risk falling behind the competition. Some of these advantages are:

  • Enhanced communication:

Client apps provide organisations the opportunity of enhancing their client service by permitting them for offering instant assistance and info to customers wherever and whenever required. Data associating with every customer can be centralised within an application and is always available for the customers, eliminating issue solving time dramatically.

  • Client insight:

Client apps provide robust chances for capturing real-time data regarding clients’ usage of your service or product; this enables organisations to enhance app-based client encounter easily and to allow direct feedback regarding product and services from users.

  • Close to clients:

Client apps maximise your existence in your client’s daily life by being there always on their devices. Simultaneously, your clients’ capacity of accessing them at any time suits them best offers them an amazing flexibility. This motivates them for consulting info regarding your services or products when they are highly responsive and ready to accept new ideas.

  • New sources of revenue:

Client apps do offer an extraordinary chance to build exclusive app-enabled services which can be applied to every organisation. This can bring in additional revenue sources while helping you discriminate yourself from your opponents.

  • Awareness of technology:

Ultimately, a mobile app development company providing app services to its customers will be showing a strong awareness of top-notch technology, according to a more tech-savvy client entity.

However, having an application does not assure that your customers will utilise it, or that it will give value. Badly-created client apps can basically destroy the reputation of a company instead of enhancing it.

Well, good news is that building an amazing app has never been so easy. While creating an app, nevertheless, a mobile app development company will need to make sure that it completely gives value to its customers; and finally, that it maximises and enhances engagement with its services or products. A few ways of doing this include:

  • Making it simple for users to get the info they require.
  • Presenting your service or product in a visual and engaging way.
  • Providing users excellent assistance by predicting their requirements and offering solutions.
  • Making it simple for users for getting in touch with you.
  • Adding interacting content like tests, quizzes, and games for personalising the app.
  • Educating users on the greatest ways to increase their usage of your service or product.
  • Providing additional advantage to app users like promotions, workshops, email courses or email campaigns.

What apps can you build for your customers?

So what client apps must you be creating for your customers? Albeit the chances for particularly designed apps are unlimited, here are a few basic apps which you must be thinking about creating:

  • Service information apps:

A product or service information app is a fast and simple way for current and potential customers for finding out data regarding all your services or products on their mobile devices. It can be utilised for keeping customers updated on every changes to your offering and for attracting potential customers by offering a visually attractive display of your service or product info. Other prospective features to add are case studies and buying guides.

  • Client communication apps:

Revolutionising the way of communication with the clients is possible using client communication apps. With an application, you can offer customers immediate access to relevant documents or information whenever required. Customers can also immediately report every issue they might experience, and assistance can also be promptly offered. Other features like push alerts can help keep customers updated at every time on each single detail which is appropriate to them. Another potential feature is allowing project status reporting so that customers can be given updated content and data on particular order or project.

  • Content marketing apps:

A content marketing app is the fastest way of offering helpful content to customers, be it interactive content (tests, games, quizzes, and competitions) or educational resources (promotions, FAQs, or email courses). The content marketing applications can be utilised very effectively to extremely engaged customers and to offer them special add-ons which finally make you different as the more powerful rival.

  • Document library apps:

This kind of app can be specifically efficient for existing customers by centralising educational resources and appropriate documents like User Guides and FAQs, all just in one place.

  • Conference, event, and workshop apps:

Ultimately, event apps are highly creative ways of improving customers’ experience of your conference, event, and workshop, by offering them every relevant data – speaker biography, location, schedule, etc. – on their mobile devices. Additional advantages such as educational sources and extra content can be greatly offered to the users of event app while allowing attendee messaging and incorporating an in-app document library can motivate greater networking and engagement. At the end of your event, a feedback quiz can also offer you precious insight into how you can enhance your future events.

Final verdict:

Client apps have become an importance – indeed, an essential part of organisations’ methods if they want to stay ahead of rivals. Nowadays, customers only expect to get data and to communicate immediately, so by creating them apps you will make them delighted, making their experience as great and smooth as possible, and motivating them to stay with you and in fact, to advocate you as well.

Presently is the time for a mobile app development company for harnessing the strength of mobile to build, develop, and to innovate more value than ever for its customers.

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