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Benefits of maintaining a blog

Blogs are everywhere. And why is that? It is not casual that more and more people all over the world are looking for a way of having and maintaining a blog online, millions of people are investing time and money in something that they know is reporting direct benefits to them as individuals of maybe as a small business.  Blogs provide a face to show to the rest of the world, a face that is going to represent the values you stand for in front of millions of users all over the planet. And when you have thousands of eyes going over your texts you also obtain many benefits from this continuous surveillance.

First, there are some steps to be taken to have a blog of your own, later you will see how many benefits this can bring to you.

Step 1. Browse the best platform to settle for: there are multiple options when it comes to having your own blog. To start a blog, you have to decide where you would like to have it. Some sites are free and have appealing interfaces, but they contain some advertising that may scare potential readers. Some other platforms are not free, you have to pay a minimum fee, and these platforms can also be attractive to readers and visitors. One more advantage of these paid sites is that the name of your domain can be more direct, with your name on it and without long tags that are sometimes difficult to remember. So, be, careful, explore your options and choose the one that offers the best combination of benefits for your particular case.

Step 2. Choose the right name and audience: you have to be clear and have in mind what type of blog you want to have. Having a good name will give you the advantage of being remembered, easily and visitors will track your blog constantly if the name you chose is catchy and easy to type. The name of the blog goes alongside with the intended audience and topic of the blog. If you want to start a blog on gardening and you have a specific audience in mind, it will be a lot easier to provide quality content for them. Not having these ideas clear from the beginning can result in disaster because your content will not hit your audience soft spots correctly. It may sound obvious, but these details are sure to give you the edge when it comes to blogging.

Step 3. Be consistent with your posts: if you decided already what your topic and intended audience is, you have now to get down to business and start posting quality content in your blog. The catch is that you must be constant. If you decided to post content every two days you have to make sure you stick to it. Make a list of possible subjects and prepare some of them in advance so that you never run out of topics when the due date is coming. Once you get some readers following your blog they are going to be paying attention to your posts and they will be waiting for it, so do not let them wait for too long. Internet users are used to instant gratification so if you do not meet their expectations they will run out of patience very fast.

Once you start a blog and have a consistent posting routine you can start feeling the benefits and advantages of this amazing tool:

  1. You become a brand: your name, the name of your company or business can have the opportunity of becoming a well renowned brand once your face/blog is out there showing people your products, services or values. The more exposure your blog gets the more people will, have the chance to read and listen to your opinion and follow the direction your business is leading.
  2. Improve you writing skills: once you constantly publish your articles and your vision you become an expert at exploring the vast options of language to get people to understand exactly want you want to say. Many of the misunderstandings nowadays are due to people failing to use the right words to express themselves. Sometimes language falls short to the ample thoughts and feelings we want others to know. Practicing your writing with a blog gives you the opportunity to excel at this valuable skill.
  3. Learn more about people: blogs provide an opportunity for you to get in touch with tons of different kind of people. Multiple cultures and points of view are constantly in touch when a blogger opens the comment section of invites his o her audience to a live session in some video platform. These moments are precious because they provide you with the real opinions of your audience. It is very imetail/portant to discover what people like, what they read about, what they are looking for over the net. Once you get to know them you can design strategies to better approach a specific group of people in order to reach a larger goal.
  4. Create a successful network: it is more important to have people than to have money. People will give you a hand in the cases when you need it the most, this help may come in many different shapes and sizes. You may need somebody who know how to create a web page, or somebody that draws beautifully, or maybe somebody to just offer a conversation and a cup of coffee. People are the real resources you may need to accomplish a goal or to portray a specific image in your blog. Through the blog you can create a network of relevant personalities for your business or for your individual development. Getting to know people from many different origins will give you the chance of expanding your network to borders you have never reached before.
  5. Control your image on the web: once you start a blog you start taking control over all the qualities and traits of your image that are displayed on the World Wide Web. The content you post, the opinions you get across, and even the images you select to accompany the articles in your blog are a part of the image you are creating through the blog. It cannot be considered as separate items because they are part of a greater structure; in this case that structure is the foundation of a digital self that people get to know about you.
  6. Attract visitors and transform them into potential clients: having a blog that shows your skills and offers your products or services gives other the chance to contact you and in this way you can get in touch with people that are interested in investing time and money in you and whatever you are offering. You may not have a concrete product to sell but your persona and your skills are also an asset that will be valued by the visitors and sooner or later will benefit you and your goals.
  7. Built up your self-value: while you invest time and effort in your writing skills and sharing your knowledge with your audience you also start to feel more confident about all the information you are dealing with. Having a blog will help you feel better and at the same time can you are working towards your goals and objectives. Once you have started working on your blog you will feel more and more capable of producing quality content and helping others in the way.
  8. Express yourself: this benefit may be the last on the list, but it also gives the most rewarding feeling. A blog is a perfect gate to let out those inner thought that are constantly buzzing in your head and that you did not know how to get out. You just have to be careful how to address people and what words are you going to choose to get your message across. Opinions are varied, and some readers may get easily upset by reading someone else’s viewpoints.

In summary, once you have decided to start a blog and set your preferred frequency for posting good quality content you are all set. The audience is going to be waiting for you (the expert) to share valuable information and knowledge.

In conclusion, a blog is a powerful tool that can bring a lot of benefits to you. It may not be for business purposes, but it will definitively help you build a reputation and to become an influence on the web. All this happens while you get the chance to know people and to learn the different perspectives and lifestyles of other cultures and countries. This knowledge is the ultimate reward of having your blog. The benefits can be concrete products or services obtained through people that interact with you in the blog, but the main benefit will always be the contact you obtain through this powerful tool.

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