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5 Tips for Evaluating & Choosing the Best Software for your Business

Today, many of the business entrepreneurs feel that their business is out of control in this era of ever-changing business milieu and expeditious growth. In their endeavour to find the solution, they realised that there is a better way of executing their business operations and that is by taking full advantage of the World Wide Web and technological advancement.

The internet and the digital marketing field have empowered the entrepreneurs, today, to use the online platform for making the entire world their target audience which was impossible to even think a few decades back.

Since the ecommerce businesses have a comprehensive virtual presence and not a physical outlet, they have to rely on effective ecommerce software for facilitating the easy operation of their activities.

But with thousands of software to choose from, it becomes a challenge to opt for the right one that will cater to all your needs for the development of your business. Here an attempt is made to simplify the selection process for that.

  • Compatibility with the Existing Systems – You should go for such a software that will easily integrate with the existing system. There may be some minor changes to the platform but ensure that the software that you choose does not interfere with the core functioning of the business. Since it is likely to be hosted in the same place, the software should be attuned with the existing hardware, current operating system as well as the platform upon which your web server is being operated.
  • Looking for Your Critical Requirements – It is a common practise among many entrepreneurs to be swept away by the bells and whiskers of a product. You have to understand that it is the functionality that is mandatory right from the beginning of the implementation and hence try to focus there. Talk with the vendors often and tell the significance of the functionality and how the processes of your organisations require the software. This way you will also understand how each vendor understands your requirements and tries solve them with their offering.
  • Importing Data – One of the greatest mistakes that ecommerce businesses often commit is to choose something that does not permit importing of the existing data. Through data import the business can easily move some of the most crucial data like customer’s information and product catalogues. If this feature is not there then the staff have to enter everything manually. This can give rise to a number of errors and it is also a very time consuming process. So this feature is absolutely necessary for any business software.
  • Choosing the Evaluation Team Very Carefully – Choosing a new software should be considered to be a business decision and not just an IT decision. You should keep it in mind that IT should have technology and an architecture inputs but that is not the only evaluation needed. You should appoint such an evaluation team who ensures that the software fulfils the critical requirements of the business to assure its potential success.
  • Negotiating the Right Way – You should outline your negotiation goals as soon as you have found out the right software for your organisation. Try to take the vendor as a partner to your business instead of risking the feelings for saving a few bucks. Let them know that you want them to be your trusted advisor for many years to come. It is up to you to create a strong bond with the other organisation and negotiation happens to be the first step in building a sturdy relationship with the vendor.

Evaluating and selecting the right software is a time-consuming and challenging process.    But at the same time it is one of the most significant decisions that your company will take. That is why it is of utmost importance that you be meticulous, take the time to be organised, work together with your project team and cultivate a strong bond with your vendor.

By following the above you will be able to avoid many of the pitfalls that the other companies have fallen into and your investment in time and money will also be worthwhile. Just like the product designer software has been benefitting the ecommerce businesses in great ways similarly you will also be able to end up with the right software that will augment the growth of the business in more ways than one.


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This article is contributed by Akshay Sharma. He is a enthusiastic writer who loves to write about eCommerce and related technology. He works with Product Designer Tool that specializes in t-shirt designer software and related products.

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