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Smart Appliances You Can Add-on to Your Property to Attract Millennial Tenants

In a rental business, tenants are the essential factor to determine the success of the investment. Your property wouldn’t be fully income-generating unless you have a roster of stable and good-paying tenants. With that, you need to set your eyes to a specific target audience, the millennials.

You might ask, is it a good idea to rent to millennials? The answer is yes. This generation is known for their penchant for just about anything contemporary, high-tech, seamless, and instant. Hence, if you plan to market your property to them, you need to furnish your property with things that will complement their lifestyles – smart appliances for starters. Start by doing your own research on which smart appliances would be recommended. Smart Kitchen Improvement and Brand Smart would be the perfect sites to check.

Having smart appliances at your rental property is effective marketing to entice millennial tenants. Take your cue from the list of smart add-ons you might want to start with below.

A Smart Home Lighting

People aged 22 to 33 nowadays are usually more on renting rather than owning a house. They are known advocate of modern designs and advanced technologies. Young millennials are fond of high-tech stuff.

That said, using smart lighting in your rental property could be an excellent way to attract younger tenants. Smart home lighting is a led light with mobile technology. Your tenants may control the bulb and the lighting system through an accompanying mobile app connected to your home’s wifi.

This app will enable your renter to change the brightness, colors, and function of the light bulb.

An App Fridge

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Young millennials tend to rent to a place furnished with appliances. How much more if you will offer them home with an app fridge that can make their stay more comfortable and will do their kitchen task much more accessible.

Having a smart refrigerator inside your rental apartment can be a big yes for the millennials. It is like having a fridge and an iPad in one. An accompanying app connected to WiFi controls a smart fridge. This mobile app will let your tenant keep their grocery lists, upload photos, check the weather, search for recipes, control the temperature, and even check their twitters.

A Home Energy Dashboard

Home energy dashboard is a smart gadget that can record energy consumption data inside your house. Having this gadget as an add-on to your rental property will help your tenant understand their electricity usage and will provide the energy saving tips.

A Smart Oven

Gray Gas Range Oven in Kitchen

For the young millennials who love to cook during their free time, they will definitely look for a house with a fully-furnished kitchen. To put your rental property at the top of their list, you can put a smart oven inside the house.

There are lots of smart oven in the market, but pick the one which has good quality and durability. Smart ovens are safe, secure to cook and not difficult to clean. It is just some of the benefits your tenant may get if they will rent your place.

A Digital Faucet

To attract more millennial tenants, upgrading your bathroom is a great move. You can use digital and electronic faucets to update your bathroom as well as your kitchen. The digital faucet will allow them to set the program if they are brushing their teeth, or washing their face and hands.

The digital display of this gadget enables the temperature and flow of water to be customized depending on the usage and the user needs.

A Smart Television

A smart television can provide an overall entertainment for the millennials. It is an appliance with integrated Internet where they can stream videos and music, browse the Internet, and can view photos from their social media.

Purchasing this gadget and put it as an add-on to your rental property can make your place an ideal home for the millennial generation. A touch of modern technology in your house will make it the best place to rent.

A Smart Security Lock

One of the factors that every millennial tenant are looking for is their safety and the security of the place. Instead of a regular padlock which is very old fashioned, you can install a high-tech lock for your property.

If you want your rental property to be on the top of the list for being the safest, secure your house with a smart security lock. Investing in this kind of gadget will not put your money to waste. This door locks will offer both security and flexibility for you and your tenant.

Offering advanced security for your tenant will make their mind at ease. They can come and go as they please and can monitor who’s entering and leaving their place. They can activate these locks via voice command or just use their phones to access the door. This kind of security will make young millennials say yes to become your tenants.

An Eco Bubble Washer

When it comes to washing clothes, you can put an eco-bubble washer to your rental property. This gadget offers an easier way of washing clothes while saving energy at the same time.

The eco bubble washer can wash away stains like blood, mud, makeup, lipstick, wine, and sebum. It also has a smart check which allows your tenant to detect and diagnose problems and provides troubleshooting solutions using their android phones.

Having this gadget as an add-on will cut the need to go to the laundry shops every weekend that can be a factor in attracting millennial tenants.

A Robotic Vacuum

Cleaning the house is quite a task for a tenant. In that case, attract millennials to rent your place with a robotic vacuum as an add-on to your rental property. The robotic vacuum has a smart program that can completely sweep out the environment of the house. It is best for dust and pet hair.

If you include this gadget as one of the appliances inside your house, your place will be on top of millennials’ list who are looking for the best place to rent.

A Wireless Security Camera

A wireless security camera or CCTV is a wire-free security camera that is not susceptible to power outages as it is battery operated. It can clearly monitor intruders and provides better image quality for optimal security.

The quality of the security of a place is one of the factors that will attract millennial generation. You can install a wireless security camera to your rental property not just to attract renters but also to secure your business and for the safety of your tenants.

A Perfect Bake Pro

Some millennials love to cook and bake. You can attract them to occupy your rental property by adding a perfect bake pro inside your kitchen. A perfect bake pro is a smart device that will allow your tenants to input the foods they have inside their fridge to generate a recipe out of those ingredients.


There are ways on how to attract millennial tenants to your rental property. Turning your house into a smart home which offers comfort, security, and accessibility is one way of alluring younger renters to occupy your place. Add-ons like smart appliances listed above to your rental property can’t only attract potential renters but also boost your property’s value.

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