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Top 10 Language Learning Apps in 2017

Learning a new language is not that tough now because you have some superb apps to help you at each step of your learning process. Basically, these apps will not only develop your vocabulary skills, but also enhance your accent through various quizzes and games. Further, there can be various reasons for learning a new language. Sometimes, it is required in school, career and during travel. Therefore, regardless of the reason, everyone who has decided to learn a new language will need some help.

On the other hand, most of the apps also have superb text-to-speech options which can pronounce the phrases and words correctly for you so that you can learn the right pronunciation. Nowadays, there are various websites which also help students in writing their essays and research papers and one of the most famous ones is the website of Best Essays.

For our readers in Texas, US, you can learn Spanish in Houston, learn Spanish in Dallas but if you do not have the time and resources to go to a school, then this article lists the alternatives.

Below mentioned is the list of some of the best 10 language learning apps in 2017:

1. Duolingo

This is one of the most famous language learning apps on Android and iOS. Basically, this app turns your learning process into addictive games. There are various lessons which come with a few hearts that act like lives in a video game and for each incorrect answer you will lose one heart. After completion of each lesson you can earn achievements.

2. Hello Talk

Another superb language learning app is Hello talk. This app is aimed to enhance speaking practice and give more importance on real time conversation. Here, learners can also find native speakers to whom they can converse easily using WhatsApp with their voice and chat feature. Further, users can keep a check on each other’s messages with an inbuilt correction tool, which will  transform the language exchanges into small tutoring sessions.

3. 50 languages

This app has almost 40 languages and includes more than 100 lessons which will help you learn different languages with audio and text support. It will also make your learning easier. Further, you can also download the audios from their website and listen them anytime you want.

4. Busuu

Another commonly used learning app is Busuu. It basically focuses on your vocabulary because its main goal is to enable you in a short span of time to understand when someone is talking in a foreign language. Further, you can also choose the level from which you want to start.

5. MindSnacks

MindSnacks is another great language learning app. This app teaches seven languages that come with tiny games which are designed to learn grammar and vocabulary easily. It can also monitor your progress that will help you clearly see how much more learning is required to achieve proficiency.

6. Babbel

Another beautiful app is Babbel which has 13 languages with a variety of courses. It also supports listening and speaking exercises to build your command in different languages. Further, it also has various grammar exercises, a review manager and a yearly subscription scheme.

7. Memrise

This is one of the most creative apps to learn a new language. With this you can create some memes –  pictures that will help you to remember a word. The basic idea is that you will remember the funny picture and the words related to it.

8. LingQ

This is a simple and easy-to-use app which will help you study different language lessons in an offline mode. It also comes with a reader which can read various lessons for you and also you can highlight various terms and phrases in your lesson to make it easier for you.

9. Phrasebook

As its name suggests, this app contains more than 800 commonly used phrases and vocabularies. This app is very useful when you are traveling to countries where you are not familiar with the local language. Therefore, this app will also act as a travel guide for you.

10. Tourist Language

Last but not the least is this app which is very useful to translate phrases and sentences from one language to another. It also includes translation in the native language and accent for travel and transportation, emergency situations and all the basic small talk.

Therefore, above explained are some of the best 10 language learning apps that will work best for you.

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