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Examine Social Activities of Competitors and Re-Invent Your Marketing Strategies

Social media has brought the new dimension of digital marketing and you should better know that it is one of the strongest mediums of marketing nowadays.

So, what are you thinking? It’s the time to freshen up your social marketing and examining your competitor’s activities may bring some new ideas with fruitful outcomes, but how to analyze them all? First, you should know the benefits of the experiment, then I will show you the path how to proceed.

It will show the overview of the industry.

Easier path to experience audience’s habits.

Which posts or digital contents are fruitful?

Now, here is the start.

#1. Examine Facebook pages

It will be weird to hear that you are not using Facebook pages for Social Media Marketing, but how much you are gaining in comparison to your competitors. If your competitors are overtaking you, then check the following aspects.

  • What are the subjects of their post?
  • How frequently do they post?
  • How many responses do they get from each post?
  • Are they only publishing only company based news or anything else?
  • How many followers are they carrying?
  • Are your competitors involved in funny games or contests?

After analyzing all of these, try to compare your own status and you will find the gap.

Everything you do on your Facebook page it basically starts with the page and that is a better presentation. The basic approach holds more and more instead of other impressions. You can use variable graphics for variable product promotion. As for instance, look at the graphic designing and marketing concept of SAMSUNG after launching their advanced Galaxy S4.

Being social you may also add the interactions of your customers with the brand and products. It will be better to hold social reputation in case of local businesses.

#2. Analyze Instagram Accounts

Try to find out the following questions to analyze an Instagram account of a company.

  • How many accounts are they following?
  • How many followers are they carrying?
  • How the product or service is represented through pots?
  • Are they involving official aspects and employees in the posts?
  • What kinds of hashtags they are targeting?
  • Are they linked with the web of employee’s profile?

If you are running a product or brand the first thing that has to be placed in the mind of the users is what the product can do for them. To add an emotional touch you may use the faces of relevant personalities that will involve more users. As for example look at the Adidas’s Instagram feed. It is carrying both, i.e. the product and a successful soccer. So, this is the tricky combination that you can use for Instagram feed.

#3. Find the YouTube Channels

To review a company’s You Tube Channel find the answers of the following

  • How many subscribers they are carrying?
  • Are they confined with only brand or product tutorial or anything else?
  • How many comments or likes do their each video has?
  • Check the referred or related videos on the watch pages.

The related videos and the references will bring the idea about You Tube algorithm and how it determines video Meta data. Now if you want to show your video with relevant watches, you will get the path what to do.

At present users are determining you tube as a tutorial house and if you are running your brand or product, it will be more fruitful to launch video along with the instructions like a user manual. For instance here is glance of how-to video especially launched by “Homeimprovements” that you can easily install a window.

#4. Evaluate Twitter Accounts

Analyzing a company’s Twitter account you can easily get the activities made by your competitor. Just check the following aspects.

  • How many followers are they carrying?
  • What is the subject of their tweet?
  • How many accounts are followed by the competitors?
  • What are the common hashtag are they using?
  • How many retweets do they get for each post?
  • Have they managed listings?
  • Are they using official or internal aspects in the tweets?

For a better instance, you can examine the tweets made by Moz as each and every post carry an image or photo. They have also better used their specified color combinations. Moreover, there are tiny place for twitter images and you have to utilize it.

The additional tip in the field of Twitter is that social media characters and templates are more fruitful than people as they stay more time in social media.

#5. Analyze Pinterest accounts

Find the answer of these questions in case of Pinterest account of your competitors

  • How are they placing their service or product for pinning?
  • Evaluate the board names.
  • How many users are they following?
  • How many followers do they carry?

In case of Pinterest it is very important to launch some pin worthy images. You can easily examine the fact by analyzing some Pinterest accounts that have above 20,000 followers and pins. Moreover, you will get better opportunity by launching uniqueness and innovative approaches in the Pinterest.

#6. Some other Platforms

Rather than the above social channels there are still remaining ones. You should only go for these if your competitors are engaged. Check the social apps like Meerkat, Periscope, Snapchat, etc. Just check the type contents in the posts and the amount of fan following when the contents get Live.


It is a matter of great time to analyze and compile all these thoughts, but once you make this effort, you will get a clear idea what will be the next step for more and more exposure. Discover new posts and videos for innovative thoughts as well as inspiration. You may think that all these will make you out of focus from your own business, but get the status of industry such surveillance is far important.


Credits: This is a guest post by Aly Chiman at Aly Chi Designs

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