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5 Trendy Technology Tips to Increase Your Company’s Pace and Productivity

Digital transformation necessitates individuals to conform to the current technological advancements. We should, therefore, adopt these improvements both at home and in our workstations. In the workstations, technology has altered how we store and retrieve files with the abandonment of the shelf filing system to storing information in computer memories and the cloud. Besides, the digital transformation has changed how persons in the workplaces interact. The technological innovations have increased the efficiency within workplaces. Some of the latest trends that are applied in companies across the world include:

  1. Communication Applications

The importance of effective communication in any organization cannot be underrated. Efficient communication calls for a smooth update of all persons without leaving others misinformed. Communication programs have been in place, but they need to be regularly refurbished to ensure that a company does not lag behind. Firms have over the years adopted various applications and programs to aid in efficient communication. The standard applications used include Skype, Basecamp, Campfire, and Slack among others. These applications allow for even dissemination of information across a workplace.

Managers can communicate with their juniors without necessarily summoning them to their offices. Video conferencing has been one program that has enabled multinational firms to hold meetings without traveling to the headquarters. Also, marketing has been simplified by some of these programs that enable the companies to sell their products and services to large audiences through mass-texting. Most of these programs also give room for video chatting as well as holding closed-door meetings over the internet.

  1. Tracking Programs and Metric Monitoring

Most of the communication programs and applications that are chat-enabled need monitoring, since it enables the management of a firm to evaluate the efficiency of dissemination of information. Businesses need to work with the most efficient programs that ensure that information reaches the intended audiences promptly. Projects need tracking to measure their efficacy, and the latter is referred to as metrics. The management should be considerate of the parameters during information dissemination.

Through metrics, the manager can estimate how long a project may take to accomplish. Also, the manager can know the workload assigned to every individual and how long it is supposed to take for them to complete the task. Through metrics, workers feel obligated to work harder to avoid confrontations with the management. The progress programs allow the managers to identify those putting extra efforts in their work and reward them accordingly. Therefore, progress tracking serves as a motivational basis for workers.

  1. Virtual Integration of Business

If there is a technological trend that will be a turnaround in 2017, then it shall be virtual and amplified reality. Virtual reality is a trend that many may disregard and brand it a useless tool in the workplace when in fact it is a trendsetter. The pattern allows a creative hands-on experience that is more collaborative than other forms. It makes training of workers more efficient and result-oriented. It enables employees to have a preview of what is required in the workplace to deliver the anticipated outcomes. Architects, engineers, and other technicians who deal with industrial automation services may find this trend to be very useful in their daily routines.

The programs and trends discussed in this article are just an overview of what to expect within this year. Also, more advancement is anticipated since technology is diverse and changes occur swiftly. Despite being complex, these trends are essential to any business that needs to have a competitive edge in 2017. Beating the competition may start with the incorporation of these programs and trends. If you require enhancing efficiency within your firm this year, apply for these trends and programs, and you will be amazed. Do not let your competitors have the edge over you when there are such initiatives you can embrace.

  1. Technology Processes

With the right technology, there is a great impact on the productivity of business. However, business technology and tools can take away a lot of time and effort from the team in comparison to what they are supposed to do.

There are some tools such as the digital spreadsheets that are resourceful if they are used in the right way. However, putting in wrong formulas or introducing data in the wrong place may mean that you do not get to improve in the areas that were your focus. Even though most IT tools are meant to improve various processes, you must have the right circumstance for it to deal with. Lack of accuracy would only cost the company more time and money.

It is important to assess your business technology to find out if there are other similar systems that could work better for you. CRM, SharePoint, custom applications and business intelligence keep ‘data wrangling” to a minimal while offering efficiency in various processes. This will lead to an improvement in productivity, hence increasing the profits.

  1. Cloud Computing Infrastructure

Cloud infrastructure help companies to save both time and money by gluing social and mobile technology together. There is no need to construct your personal application as a way to develop your products and services. Up to 75% of businesses have raised their budgets to accommodate security minded applications such as OneDrive, pCloud, Dropbox, Mega, Google Drive, Knowhow Cloud and others.

When it comes to modern tools, cloud technology cannot be left out. On the other hand, these tools are yet to achieve their full potential. However, they are solutions that take care of both physical and time-bound hindrances.

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