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Published on March 23rd, 2017 | by Guest


4 Reasons to Use a Dome Camera

Purchasing dome cameras for security is a no-brainer. Dome cameras are probably the most popular and in demand type of security cameras used for workplace and home security. Luck has nothing to do with it being the most popular choice of homeowners and security managers alike. Let us provide you with the 4 reasons to use a dome camera.

Wide angle

As much as possible, you would want to have your security camera to cover as much area as it can. Zero blind spots with clear-cut images. Dome cameras can be installed with ultra-wide angle capable cameras/lenses to expand the field of view enormously. Dome cameras are preferred over bullet cameras as bullet cameras can only focus on one area, while dome cameras can cover a 180-degree and even a 360-degree area. Flexibility is also a key feature as dome cameras can also be modified or used as a panoramic surveillance camera.


Dome cameras are not only capable of recording HD quality video; there can be different features that your dome camera carries. There are motion sensor and thermal sensor cameras, useful in warehouses and outdoors. Night vision capabilities are also available; this is normally used inside offices, warehouses and in places wherein there is low or even no light. There are also dome cameras like the YI 1080p that has Pan-Tilt control, motion tracking, and even a baby crying detector! This is one of the reasons why the dome camera has captured the interest of homeowners and business owners alike. You can basically choose a dome camera that has the features that would fit your need.


An advantage of a dome camera is that it’s not readily noticeable. Dome cameras are useful for front doors or gates, and even at the corners of rooms or museum halls. Comparing it to directional or a bullet camera, you can’t see where the dome camera’s lens is pointing at. Once installed with a tinted dome, it’s almost impossible to determine where the camera is pointing, and if the camera is moving. You won’t even know if the camera is operational or not. This is useful for crowd monitoring like in casinos and crowded areas like malls and the airport.

Vandal resistant

Though not all dome cameras are vandal proof, most dome cameras, however, are installed in vandal and damage proof cases. It’s very easy to install, but very hard to dismantle. Thieves and other lawless elements will find it hard in disabling and damaging a properly installed vandal proof dome camera. This is one characteristic that would appeal to individuals or business that put safety as their top priority.

We often see dome cameras in banks, casinos, high-end establishments, airports, and malls; this reason being this type of camera is effective and efficient. It serves the purpose of providing quality video with a wide scope at low cost. It’s easy to come to a conclusion that dome cameras are cost-effective security cameras that every business or home should have.

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