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11 Must Have High-Tech Gadgets for College Students

College life is characterized by late nights full of unhealthy food, long papers, being wasted and hopefully countless fond memories along the journey. Are dorm days ahead of you? Do you know someone is joining college or heading back to school? While life in college can be both fun and challenging, you need some gadgets to make your life easier. Items such as the best tablets, printer, T.V, surge protector, Bluetooth speakers and much more can certainly be handy.

The following are the top must have high-tech gadgets for college students:

1. Divoom AuraBox


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For it’s price, this tiny Bluetooth speaker packs such an impressive punch courtesy of its 5W speaker. While it’s not loud enough for a house party, it’ll work just fine just in your room or in the kitchen. One of the best attributes about is the fact that it’s more than a speaker. It features an app that is handy to control the bright LED display. The display creates animated patterns, displays time, provides social media notifications etc.

2. Lumie Bodycloth Starter

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With this Lumie Bodycloth Starter, you can say goodbye to the shrill alarm clock and enjoy a relaxed way of getting up. The gadget works by impressively stimulating the rising light of dawn by more than 30 minutes. That way, the clock will assist you to wake up feeling more rejuvenated to begin your schoolwork. The best part is that you can use the gadget reversely too if you have challenges switching off (sleeping) at night.

3. Moleskine Smart Writing Set

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Do you prefer creating notes by hand but do not want to forgo the utmost convenience of having notes in digital form? If yes, then you ought to invest in this writing set. All you need to do is create notes with a smartpen on the provided notepad. Amazingly, the real ink appears on the gadget’s page while on the connected device.

Simply put, everything appears in digital form. What is for sure is that anything you draw or write digitized as it is. Alternatively, you can transcribe your words into digital text. You can choose from a variety of design and color options. The gadget is ideal for the diligent note-takers.

4. Fitbit Charge HR


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Unquestionably, fresher’s year and week can take a big tool on your fitness. This is especially true if you have a difficult time motivating yourself to rise out of bed because of a hangover. Nonetheless, the discreet and handy gadget can be handy regarding helping you track your activity during the night and day.

Among other things, the device can monitor sleep, stationery time, heart rate, calories burned and daily steps thus helping you find out how little or much exercise you’re doing. It’s also possible to hook the gadget to your mobile phone. The only thing you need to do is install the Fitbit app and then compared your progress every day. Various colors that suit both women and men are available. The device can also double up as a watch.


Whether you’re using your HDTV to play video games or watch movies, it acts as the center of numerous students’ dorm room. Since most dorm rooms are small in size, it doesn’t make sense to purchase a massive size HDTV. Just a 28’’ would be an ideal size. The size is still big without being overbearing. Most if not all of them feature two HDMI ports to plug whatever devices you have. You also have the opportunity to watch cable courtesy of a coaxial jack.

6. Ethernet cable

Granted, dorms might have Wi-Fi. However, truth be told, it is not that strong. In fact, it can be hard to keep up with students that all want to stream Spotify, YouTube, Netflix, etc. While it might not be cool to have a computer plugged into an Ethernet jack, it’s a lot better compared to watching the computer buffer for ten minutes as you watch the latest season of your favorite series.

7. Printer

Around and on the campus, printers are in their huge numbers. As much as that might be the case, they’re always in constant use. An exercise in futility would be to print a paper right before class time with all printers occupied. The best thing is to buy a printer for your printing needs. You don’t have to settle for a fancy printer. Just look for one that has a Wi-Fi feature and does the basic things. You’ll be good to go.

8. Flash drive

The current world is embracing everything wireless. There is no doubt about that. Nonetheless, technology might fail. Imagine you have to submit an assignment only for your dorm wifi to fail. That is why it’s handy to have a flash drive with you. When in the market for one, it’s prudent to settle for one with large space to help you carry larger projects when there’s need.

9. Surge protector

A surge protector might turn out to be a highly boring product in this comprehensive list. Nevertheless, the last thing you want is to fry your computer due to your room’s terrible electricity. For sure, a surge protector is worth the investment. With this gadget, your electrical appliances or devices will always be protected from any form of electrical issues.

10. Amazon Kindle


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Everyone that has through college will tell you how challenging it is to carry around tons of heavy textbooks at once. The best part is the fact that that shouldn’t be the case. Kindle is great for storing plenty of books for you. What’s more is that millions of books are on offer that includes a huge range of academic texts. You can find loads of excellent features that are packed in for students.

11. Tablet


Many universities and colleges need students to have computers. Most students assume that laptops are the only ones needed in that regard. That’s a mistake. Times have changed. Tablets are now in demands because they are not only more flexible but also highly portable without sacrificing functionality.


Come off the high-tech gadgets featured above might be more fun compared to others but are surely worth the purchase. There’s no doubt about that. Buy them and your college life will be never the same for sure.


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