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Is Instagram for Business Worth It?

During last year, Instagram announced the future launch of several interesting features, which promise to improve the communication of companies with their customers. One of the most important is “Instagram for Business“, a tool featuring metrics, new business profiles and the ability to create ads directly from a company’s account.

Despite the existence of ways to get more Instagram views, Instagram wants companies to have the best possible tools to keep a close control over their followers. If used correctly, this social network can be a powerful sales tool, and now even more.

After surveying companies about what should be changed, three things became clear: they want to stand out, need more information about their performance after publishing, and want to reach more people. So, “Instagram for Business” was developed, featuring the following tools:

Business profiles

Business profiles is a free tool that has been developed for profiles that want to be recognized as companies on Instagram. With this new feature, shop owners can define how customers will contact them (email, phone, or message via the contact button), something that will appear next to the follow button. You will also be able to view your business address, access metrics, and promote posts.


This is one of the most important things about the Instagram for Business, as the merchant will be able to obtain information about his followers and view the posts that have the best performance. All of these metrics can be found within the app, and will help companies to understand their audience’s behavior and create more relevant content for them.


The new Instagram for Business has a much simpler way of promoting publications. To create effective promotions, companies can choose a post that has generated good results and add a button encouraging followers to interact with it. In addition, they will be able to select an audience and choose for how long the post will be promoted.

Taking these novelties into consideration, then it becomes clear that Instagram for Business is clearly positive, and a must have for each and every company wanting to thrive on this social network.

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