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5 Things to Know When Designing For the Internet of Things

The “Internet of things” is becoming an increasingly rising agenda of these days. It is a potential concept of how we work and how we live. The user experience of design and computers have emerged from desktop computers which have changed over the past few years and moved to mobile devices. The scope of the designers and developers work is growing wider by integrating every device we use with the internet.

The “Internet of Things” is the growing range of daily devices we use that includes smart watches, medical devices, dashboard control of mobile devices and many more. Adapting the new world of connected devices and designing in a way that users can use effectively is increasing day by day and have become a challenge for the designers. The designers are figuring out the best ways to design and integrate the new devices over the internet.

In this age of technology, the devices that look the same as before have become smarter and connected. The IoT allows the devices to get themselves connected to large interconnected systems, sharing data, acting on communicated data and much more. The developers are designing these systems in more customized way catering both the customer’s needs and business needs.

Here are five ways to succeed in IoT with design and technology:

Problem Statement

An IoT starts with a problem statement. Identify the needs to create an IoT for the users. The customers are always seeking for a solution to a particular problem. You may have success in making a proper IoT for the users by understanding the need of the users.


When you are to design IoT for devices, security is one of the elements to be considered the most as it has a direct impact on the user lives and thus needs to be secure. One must put high-security features of authentication, encryption, decryption and the use authentic sources.

Think Different

We have been using smartphones devices and computers over a few years. IoT applications are different from the regular apps we use. To make an IoT app, think out of the box of touch or pressing a button, give your users a new way to get hold and control the devices by sensing.

Think Big

As said earlier, IoT apps and devices are different from the regular apps we use and require a massive connectivity system to be operated. We need a huge ecosystem to make the IoT devices work with communication, connectivity and adequate functionality.

Data Collection

An IoT system needs a large data to integrate. To make up an IoT, the collection of data, storing, securing and transmitting it to various mediums require skilled professionals to create a proper balance of the users’ information over an IoT platform.


An IoT solution needs an ecosystem of allies that spans from sensors to applications. Moreover, it is recommended to incorporate IoT technology in the new smart products to give the users the experience they urge for, so product design creates an effectively connected system. The vision of IoT is comprehensive connectivity of IoT apps for the users.


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Michael Kamm is a digital marketing manager at a professional logo design company – Invictus Studio. He is a business graduate from Brookhaven College and has a passion for writing about design and technology.

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