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5 Annoying Ways Technology Makes You Dumb!

Although technology has benefited us in various ways but relying on it all the time has some serious consequences. While it is good to become contingent upon technology but it should not govern your life. In fact, the growing technology consumption in the society is what making people lazy and refraining them from physical activities.

Today, people have the comforts of shopping online and having their foods cooked without needing to do the hard work. Although this saves you a great deal of time and energy, it also makes you devoid of living a normal life. As a matter of fact, the word “couch potato” has been coined for the people who are too dependent on technology and avoids the physical activity. In a nutshell, technology makes you stupid in the long run and this article shares with you some tips on how you can stay away from being a slave of technology.

Mentioned below are 5 ways technology is making you stupid without you knowing:


  • Technology Affects Your Sleeping Pattern


High-tech gadgets have become very much a part of our lives to the extent that they deprive us of proper sleep. According to a study, LEDs in the smartphones and tablets disturb the proper release of melatonin in your body.

Remember that melatonin is a hormone that regulates the internal clock of your body. It tells you when it is time to hit the bed and a disturbance in its release can affect your sleeping pattern.


  • It Can Easily Distract You


Smartphones are easily the most common form of technology that diverts your attention. The most cases are seen in the workplace when you keep checking your inbox and Facebook updates for messages which not only increases chances of errors in the work but also affect your productivity.

So it proves that technology can easily distract you, so you need to keep tabs on your consumption of technology to keep its negative effects away from your work.


  • It Badly Weakens Your Memory


Today, we turn to our smartphones for making notes and creating to-do lists. This particularly affects the ability of the students to focus in the classroom. In the middle of a lecture, if you use your mobile for jotting down an important point or checking with your errands saved in an application, then it tends to slow down the capacity of your brain to retain information which affects your academic performance.


  • You Fail To Find Your Way Without GPS


This is another way technology makes you dumb, particularly when you are on your way to an important meeting. A malfunctioning in the GPS system can result in a delay for an interview or personal meeting which can have implications on your personal and professional life.

Therefore it is better to rely on your memory to remember routes instead of finding the routes on GPS so that you can reach your destination without any fear of getting lost in the middle of the journey.


  • It Wastes Your Money


Technology keeps evolving itself with time. What is functional today may become obsolete in future. So you cannot continue using one device for a long time no matter how much you are fond of it. This wastes your hard-earned money as you keep replacing your devices every now and then.

Considering the total costs of devices people discard every year, you’ll be surprised to know how much money people waste on the gizmos.

The aforementioned are some ways technology makes you dumb. Though technology helps us do the most intricate tasks in a matter of seconds, it also has its set of cons as mentioned in this article. Make sure that you never ignore them in order to stay away from falling prey of the bad effects of technology.


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Liana Daren is an IT manager at CP. She has been in this field for the past five years. In addition, she is a professional writer helping in coursework writing. She is also a sportsman and loves playing tennis, squash, and basketball during her free time.

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