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How to Turn Your Car Into an Eco-Friendly Vehicle [Infographic]

The Earth is currently facing a lot of issues as far as the environment is concerned. There has been constant talks and numerous actions taken to lessen these problems but with the harmful aspects of the average person’s activities, these efforts are rendered useless.

In a 2016 study, it was proven that the transportation sector is one of the largest contributors of Greenhouse Gas Emissions, this means that by using your car to travel from point “A” to point “B” would cause global warming, climate change, harmful effects to the environment and human health diseases due to the effect of gases and solid matter.

This is especially true for old and poorly maintained cars, these types of cars are more likely to release harmful gasses through their exhausts. Not to mention the fact the fuel they use have what is known as “hidden costs” that results to not only generating air pollution but as well as water pollution.

That’s why through recent developments by vehicle manufactures, they created cars to reduce your carbon footprint known as the eco-friendly electric and hybrid cars. These vehicles run on electricity or a combination of electricity and fuel, unlike the traditional vehicles, they produce less pollution.

Through using electricity, electric and hybrid vehicles lessen the use of fossil fuel which was mentioned to be harmful to the environment. Electric and hybrid vehicles are truly the car for individuals who are considering “going green”. As good as they do for the environment, they also tend to cost more, especially hybrid cars costing $5000 to $10000 more than your average automobile. Meanwhile, electric cars will be a hassle on your electric bill.

Basically, these cars are not for everyone. Choosing one of these cars when you’re not ready for its downsides would prove to be a poor investment.

Rather than buying an expensive, eco-friendly car, here are more cost-efficient ways to cut your own car’s carbon footprint, as presented in this infographic below by Global Tint UK.

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