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Rise of The Drones: How they will Impact the Small Businesses & The Future of Business Landscape

In recent years the use of drones has been a hot topic in every industry. Once only used for military purpose, drones are now becoming a part of civilian life. According to Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) 90% of drone, owners will be small businesses.  New Entrepreneurs try to get startups off the ground and improve existing small business day to day business operation with the use of technology.

From delivery of good to surveying of farms & land drones are poised to change the way we do business in next few years. Drones increase human potentials by allowing us to execute dangerous or difficult tasks efficiently & safely.

Thousands of business already embraced the use of drones and much more are considering to integrate it into the future.

Here are potential benefits of drone technology for the SMEs.

Safety of People

There are many examples of extremely dangerous work that can be performed by drone, saving many lives in the process.  Organizations can send relief packages to disaster-ridden or otherwise dangerous location without risking the lives of the people. The tough task normally reserved for the bravest of the worker can easily be handled by its pilot without any injury or death to anyone.

Faster Product Delivery


Look at the attention and buzz Amazon Prime Air has been making over the last couple of years. Why wait for few days or weeks, companies like UPX, FedEx and Canada Post to deliver your packages? Amazon is planning to deliver the package with Drone weighing less than 5 pounds in 30 minutes of ordering.  Drones are delivering emergency medicine, small mechanical parts and time sensitive documents among the other things.


Use of drone has a greater potential for small business targeting local markets. Video Screening & banner advertising can be taken to a different altitude with the help of drones as drones can fly in a various different location including beaches, high traffic streets, college campuses, festivals and can promote any events or products.

Over the past years, small business and major corporations are already using drones to advertise their products in countries like the US and the UK.

Aerial Surveying

Once the most important use of the drone is aerial surveying for land, oil fields, pipelines etc. Once programmed, the small aircraft can take a vivid survey of land and transmit the information. The drone can gather all sorts of data and turnaround time is very quick.

Inspecting Infrastructure

There is a need for a periodic inspection of structures for safety. For example , companies that operate gas pipelines, electrical lines, need to conduct regular monitoring. They might need professional help to walk along the lines or scale the infrastructure. Drones are ideal for such situations because they can get closer to offer a better view of existing condition & easily spot and leakages that many be hazardous.


The potential for innovation regarding the use of drones. There is no limit to what companies can do with this technology once the floodgates open.  You can change the way to you do business through creative & profitable ways from drones.

Once the firm regulations are in place, businesses are allowed to deploy drones for purposes of all kinds. There is not really way to predict what the drone landscape will look like in next few years.


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Gaurav Kanabar is the Director of Alphanso Tech, a globally acknowledged IT consulting company providing services in the arena of the iBeacon App Development . With immense support from the adroit team, Alphanso Tech has been serving a huge client base worldwide.

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