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8 E-Learning Trends To Watch Out In 2017!

Electronic or online education isn’t something new, but it is reaching new heights these days. Every day that passes, people and companies are seen learning from glass screens of their computers or smartphones.

In the past, having a fixed skill set was the only requirement for a job. However, nowadays companies are looking for who can pick up new skills in a short amount of time with the help of online courses. Every year there is a new e-learning trend that is getting notice. 2017 is looking to be the defining year for e-learners from all over the world. Let’s take a peek at some of the trends of the New Year.


  • Mobile Learning


It has been a year or so now that mobile learning has been around and it does not look like it is going to stop climbing. Not only are the number of smartphone users increasing by the day, but so is the possibility of e-learners. Professional companies are also looking to use this as a means to train their employees.

This kind of learning is easily accessible and can be used anywhere on earth. Since most people are using their phones, there is always some learning involved. There are thousands of sites, apps and online resources that people can use to aid in their learning.


  • Gamification


Gaming is a real deal in today’s environment. That is why companies are looking to attract the attention of online learners by implementing gaming elements with learning programs, apps and so on. Of course, the idea behind this is to enable users to learn and not necessarily have fun.

The advantages of this concept are that it increases learner engagement and the rate of retention. Gamification has taken the world of online learning by storm and is looking to make an even bigger impact in the coming year.


  • Contextualized Learning


There will be a greater role to play for microlearning and the digital learning design that will address the needs of the modern learner. The Learning and Development teams will continue to use modern design thinking to make e-learning courses feel like onboarding.

This idea will help people move beyond just resource-based approaches for learning.


  • Two-Way Conversations


It is now easier to be able to gather feedback from learners within the content. You can now open up to a user’s input and ideas and find out what they would like to see and why they need help.


  • Virtual Reality


Introducing this concept could bring a little more zing to e-learners. Imagine having to learn with a more interactive environment. The devices for virtual reality are readily available and work just fine with smartphones and other devices as well.


  • Personalized Learning


By now it should be obvious that there is no one-size-fits-all learning style. Hence, it is very hard for instructional designers to deliver training that fits the learning style of each employee. But with the help of xAPI and LRS (learning record stores), trainers can gather more data and create personalized learning paths for each employee.


  • Social Media Learning


The dome of social media continues to expand even to the depths of workplace learning. Over here, every user is collaborating with their teammates and offering feedback in real-time. LinkedIn is the leader at the moment, especially when it acquired professional learning platform Lynda.com and developed LinkedIn Learning.


  • Video-Based Training


If employees are wary of a learning gap, the first thing they do is go to YouTube. Its repository is huge when it comes to providing content for missing skills. A video is a powerful tool to grab the attention of an individual as more of our senses are involved in the learning process.


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